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Vacation home work

I am making Ruby do the vacation homework  on a regular basis to avoid the last minute hurry- burry .  That is when we came across this question .

What is ‘a collection of pearls’ called ?

I thought it would be ‘ a string of pearls ‘. As always Google is our saviour . I stumbled upon this ‘collection of collective nouns’ link and printed it out for further use . It is says a collection of pearls is referred  ‘ a rope of pearls’.

You can also take a look here . ‘tinyonline collective nouns’ . It is pretty interesting.

Last week , I read somewhere dyslexic kids find it very difficult when they go to upper primary classes as the written work expected from them increases rapidly. And the nature of questions change to descriptive and essay types.  I have been thinking we have left behind the worst part for good . But I was so wrong . Two days into the vacation work have proven otherwise .

I really want to go back to that article and do some back to back reading and even look for some tips. But , now I can’t remember where I read about it .

Ruby is  stubborn as a mule when it comes to writing. And all the work I have done these years isn’t proving to be worthy enough.

What really saddens me is he knows almost every thing to the finest detail . But  just cannot put it on the paper in words and move on. This results in delaying – accumulation of work – frustration- more delay – more accumulation – more frustration . It is a vicious circle. And he is left out  helpless , until some body  steps in and help him out.

For the past few months I haven’t been linking and book marking any sites even though I learned and read a lot more about out-of – the box thinkers . I was thinking I have done enough home work . And also in my mind , didn’t want to make a big deal about it . But now I can’t remember any of it . What a loss.

While I rake my brain for the article I leave you with these three articles which I found very interesting and could not have expressed my early parent hood in better words . It felt as though the author is telling about my son.

Is my child gifted ? One mother’s experience

How to know your child is gifted ?

Even now I can remember the perfectly symmetrical building blocks he would make . If one piece is missing ,or if he cannot find out the exact symmetric block  he would get frustrated . So I always took extra care to  preserve even the tiniest block in our Lego sets.

This is also a good one . How to approach the endless questions of a gifted child. I figured it out the hard way though . This is also the answer to my ever growing Kids’ library. Somewhere in between I reached a point where my knowledge wasn’t enough to answer Ruby’s questions . He wants more details.

You know one thing , if I had studied along with my kids when I was a student myself I would have become a great scholar . Or they would have made me one 😀 But I believe a lot in the ‘ never too late ‘ way of putting things 🙂

When I met his resource teacher for open house she suggested it would do Ruby a lot of good if I can just soften some of his perfectionist traits . But it isn’t as easy as it sounds . I will have to find my way through and of course record it here as this blog also happens to be my memory cell. The ones I have in my brain is no better than a sieve .

Battling perfectionism in Children