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Vacation moments

My passion for Jasmine flowers is closely related to my vacation memories.

My recent visit to my Aunt’s house in the country side, brought to my mind beautiful memories of the great evenings  we had when we were younger  and used to spend our holidays together at our Mother’s place .

The evenings busy with collecting  jasmine flowers from all the vines in the yard ………

Making garland using wet plantain threads……….

Careful picks and knots……….

Front yard ……………….. cousins………….small talks …………black coffee…..

Picture Perfect!

@ Cherai Beach… Before and After !


Two or three years before, I realised with shock that my son is really suffering for what we want him to be. Every thing was in chaos .I wondered were I went wrong. After I realised, he is a dyslexic child from the movie ‘TZP’ , it took me weeks, even to make a meager plan of what could be done. And even more effort to explain to every body what he might be going through.

The first decision I made was that I will just step back and see what he would do with out me asking him what he should.Because right then my kids would not listen to anything I say.(seem to be eons ago 😀 ) . The words I spoke most was ‘DON’T DO ‘ and ‘YOU MUST ‘.

I learned to let them do what they wanted. Swallowed the words that came to my mouth. A few days later, we all went to  Cherai beach for a picnic. I told his father also to let him free , not to tell him any ‘ dos and don’t s ‘ but to make sure that he is safe. It took a lot of effort to keep our mouth shut. But it was worth it. In the evening when we were about to return, Ruby came to me and said with twinkling eyes

‘ Mother, it is a great day! isn’t it ? It is my most favourite day! ‘ .

Thinking of it even now bring tears to my eyes. Then I realised the pressure we put on him every day to make him behave like normal kids. ( sorry, I don’t have any snaps of that day as I wanted nothing to take away my attention and kept the camera away )

It was about 2 or 3  years back . It has been a long way since then. The only thing he needed was somebody who would believe in him with no bones in it. And we believed in him .

My daughter , Pearl who is the most unique and smartest among three of us almost hated me then . There was no effective communication between us. I always tried to draw the line which was the last thing she wanted. It took  even more effort for me to reach her.

I was busy making both of them perfect , seeing that they had all they wanted , making sure they were well nourished and well groomed , that I didn’t had enough time to have fun with them.

After  3 years:

We went to the same old beach again a few days before.  It is one of our unsaid family agenda to go to some place once in a few months , where we have nothing else but kids to distract us. Whatever they say is the rule !

I was amazed to see two of them ( who are too difficult to be controlled any where ) to be completely  in tune with the nature , as though that is the place where they belong !

And Ruby announced that it is his dream come true !

A lot has changed . I don’t take them to meetings or club parties unless that cannot be absolutely avoided because it is impossible to manage them there. Instead we go to parks where they can explore to their will, to exhibitions where they can linger as much as they want, read all the boards and see all the domes , follow whatever they find interesting , to beaches or to any place where they enjoy themselves.

Now three of us are the best friends and my kids are my treasure. ( And Hubby is most proud of it even though he does not let it spoil us ).

I always thought I am a bit crazy( or exaggerating ) . I could see in other people’s eyes ‘ Why you are taking so much effort just to bring up two kids ? They will just grow up. ‘  But all of them would never realise how different my kids are.

Sweet Sweet Vacation

This is one of the songs that reminds me so much of vacations at our mother’s place.

Last year this time I was longing for mangoes  ! This year with the drought I haven’t seen any mangoes and I think this vacation will pass on with out any of them . And I can think only of beaches !!!!!!!

Ruby’s classes will be over today and Pearl’s tomorrow. And we are going to have a vacation welcoming party.

Yesterday night , I asked them both what they would want to do for the vacation. And they have given me a big big list.

When I see both of them playing and running around , I can also see myself as a kid running along with them. Now their favorite is hide and seek.

Ruby is slowly getting into cricket and foot ball. And Pearl is catching up fast . They are busy setting up rules of the game and sort . Discussing in detail about the programs and ads they see.

With all this I can feel that the toddler in the house is also growing out of it. And life is going to get serious.

I just found some old photos from my vacation days .

How I got these photos , I don’t know. But I am such a  hoarder of old odds and ends , some times even I find it weird 😀

We were a great group. Always planning new games . On move from 7 in the morning to 12 in the night. And this was our base. Our neighbour’s house . There were no children there . But the doors were always open to all the kids .

It was a great time. Nothing to worry about other than the game rules and latest movies!

Give me some sunshine …
Give me some rain …..
Give me another chance .. .
I wana grow up once again …

The tale of a mango pickle


Kids plucking mangoes for their grand mother …..

The collected mangoes after so much hard work!!

And here it is ! Yummy home made mango pickle… Granpa’s Special as my father made it ! Enough to tickle Every Malayalee’s Nostalagic Taste bud !


The mere mention of the word ‘vacation’ brings to mind the smell of ‘moovandan manga’. Even the smallest trees would have bunches of mangoes .

All the trees in the backyard would be there waiting for us to explore. I really miss climbing those trees. What fun it was to pluck all those mangoes, guava, cashew apples, kaarakka (we had one in the front).

I have even tried eating them right from the tree. With out ever plucking them. ‘Tree Fresh’!

My sister always had a tough time trying to keep up with me.

We had one ‘babbloos naranga tree’ which we used to make our summer residence. Not only did we spent our whole day on it, we even ate sitting on it. It was just behind the kitchen work area ,and there was fresh supply of food all through the day.We would make our own house in the yard, connecting trees with the odds and ends we could gather .

I would not even come home from the backyard till it is very dark to stay there. I used to make beds and all with grass and it would scratch like hell in the night 😀 It was all so fun!

All the trees , plants,birds , squirrels, everything there ,were so familiar to me! The nights were filled with our cultural programmes, dances, skits, mimicry and what not!

Thankfully there was no television then. A game of caroms or chess may go on for days. Beauty experiments with kasthurimanjal, rakthachandanam , chemparathi thali or anything we could lay our hands on.

Ice fruits, All these branded ice creams do not have that taste.

Vacation Movies, To view everyone of them before the vacation ends was a mission. Vishukaineettom would make it easier for us. The pennies we got selling karakkas and cashew nuts to local kids would add to it.

The first sound of thunder would remind us it is time to go back home. Then we would be as much excited as were to go to get back to the city were we belong. The first red bus in sight would say that we have reached there.

Appa and Amma would always have something new for us. All our plants would have new sprouts on them.

And then, back to schools and friends till next vacation!