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After reading the whole book ” Gently falls the Bakula ‘ by Sudha Murthi , I found from google that Bakula  refers to ‘ Ilanji’  flowers .

Yesterday sister and I have been thinking hard which flower it could be .

Ilanji is the tree under which  Hubby and I used to spend so many happy hours as engaged couple . I have even posted about it here!

Now that I have read this book it feels so eerie !!

My favourite Tree !

All trees are beautiful but some are special.

If you ask me which is me favourite tree , it is always the same . ‘ Ilanji ‘

It has the most sweet smelling flowers and it is a great tree to sit under and chat with your lover!

The tree brings to my mind memories of our engagement time when we used to spent a lot of time under the ‘ilanji’ orchard they have at Subash park and when the guard would come and throw us out of the park when it gets dark !

I have one at my home which I have kept in a pot. Waiting for it to bloom!


The mere mention of the word ‘vacation’ brings to mind the smell of ‘moovandan manga’. Even the smallest trees would have bunches of mangoes .

All the trees in the backyard would be there waiting for us to explore. I really miss climbing those trees. What fun it was to pluck all those mangoes, guava, cashew apples, kaarakka (we had one in the front).

I have even tried eating them right from the tree. With out ever plucking them. ‘Tree Fresh’!

My sister always had a tough time trying to keep up with me.

We had one ‘babbloos naranga tree’ which we used to make our summer residence. Not only did we spent our whole day on it, we even ate sitting on it. It was just behind the kitchen work area ,and there was fresh supply of food all through the day.We would make our own house in the yard, connecting trees with the odds and ends we could gather .

I would not even come home from the backyard till it is very dark to stay there. I used to make beds and all with grass and it would scratch like hell in the night 😀 It was all so fun!

All the trees , plants,birds , squirrels, everything there ,were so familiar to me! The nights were filled with our cultural programmes, dances, skits, mimicry and what not!

Thankfully there was no television then. A game of caroms or chess may go on for days. Beauty experiments with kasthurimanjal, rakthachandanam , chemparathi thali or anything we could lay our hands on.

Ice fruits, All these branded ice creams do not have that taste.

Vacation Movies, To view everyone of them before the vacation ends was a mission. Vishukaineettom would make it easier for us. The pennies we got selling karakkas and cashew nuts to local kids would add to it.

The first sound of thunder would remind us it is time to go back home. Then we would be as much excited as were to go to get back to the city were we belong. The first red bus in sight would say that we have reached there.

Appa and Amma would always have something new for us. All our plants would have new sprouts on them.

And then, back to schools and friends till next vacation!