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Thursday Challenge ( Pouring , wet ,dripping , splashes…)

‘Don’t walk away if you intend to stay ‘ . This is roughly one of the updates I recently saw on FB updates . Whoever posted it , can claim it  😀 It is a really nice one !

Anyway this is exactly my case with this blogspace . One day I stepped aside and now I can only wonder what I have been posting for two years . I just can’t find any thread for a post and I just can’t find any words .

Today morning I have been reading some of the blogs ( A habit I had shaken off with great effort in the past month )  and I realised I don’t want to leave this cute little space of mine .

So , here comes the ‘Thursday Challenge ” for the week.

“LIQUID” (Splashes, Pouring, Dripping, Waves, Wet,…)
Next Week: WOODEN (Ship, House, Furniture, Carpentry Tools, Trees,…)

Without knowing what this week’s challenge is I had clicked a single snap . The only one that came thru my cam in the last month . It was clicked after the initial torrents though .

I was waiting for Pearl to come and was immensely enjoying the rain . The swishing wind which reminded me of that nostalgic sound inside a sea shell , swaying banyan  trees , dark clouds , heavy down pour and not a single soul around . A rare chance to come by .

Edited to add

Monsoon through my window

Thursday Challenge : Pets

Ruby and Pearl with Leo on Smart kid magazine

I am a very very lousy pet owner . Even then , we have a dog , two rabbits and some fishes .

My favourite is the aquarium . As Shilpa has said beautifully in her blog , I cling to the Feng Shui belief when it comes to pet fish . Thanks to Feng Shui to making us feel good by saying it is not a bad luck when a fish dies . It just take your bad luck away . If I go by Feng Shui then I really have some bad – luck- spell on me which my fishes are taking away with them enthusiastically .  Any way I neither give up nor brood . I just go and buy another pair 😀

Guppies are my favourite . They also remind of a child hood friend who had a huge collection of Guppies in an inbuilt tank . When we come back home after vacation we would beg him for some guppies and he would give us one or two pairs after many swapping . We used to put it in a bottle with some holes on the top and bring it home on bus all the way from Alleppey to Ernakulam . Now , I can appreciate fully my mother’s patience 😉

I read some where, it would be better if people with strong water element keep away from having pet fish . It doesn’t suit them well 😦  May be there is some truth in it . While I was searching for that article which I did not find I came upon this  beautiful article on Feng shui Front door. 

Here is a video which kids made on their aquarium . This is their first attempt . And they did it themselves when I asked them to go around and get me some snaps of the pets for the Thursday Challenge .

I really wanted to ask them to do another video with some modifications and some more zoom ins and zoom outs . A more presentable one 😉 But I consciously controlled the temptation 🙂

I feel parents shouldn’t interfere to guide and correct the children every now and then . Even though parents do it to make kids do better and also to avoid failures and mistakes I feel it affects the child’s imagination . It also draws a line of limitation preventing the child from jumping into the unknown to explore . Remember , A parent who is eager to  prevent the child from making the same mistakes they have made in their life and is all set to improvise the child is just trying to relive/rewrite their own lives in a perfect way .

Let them fail and let them do it imperfectly . Then only they can learn to win and improve themselves .

I am proud of the video they have done 🙂

Our aquarium

Our fish bowl

Thursday Challenge – Wonderful colours

Wonderful Colours and what is more wonderful than the colours of  nature . I have all these snaps from Ootty  . Was thinking of a travelogue . Sorry , it is a repetition for my FB friends . But the theme for TC this week is too tempting to decline .

Ooty is one of my all time fascinations and also a jinxed one . I wanted to take  Botany for degree so that I can visit a lot of Botanical gardens . But things doesn’t work the way we want them to . So I ended up doing physiotherapy . The only gain is the bunch of friends I got from there . And a knowledge of the medical terms so that now I am comfortable with the medical jargon while speaking to the pediatrician 🙂

Anyway this time I made it up to there and Loved it .  With flowers and meadows every where the place is so beautiful !

Thursday Challenge : trees

Have been tracking this Banyan tree for a while .





Farm and food


Plantain laden with fruit waiting for its owner .The sight that welcomed me when I went to my old house last week. We shifted from there seven months back.

I don’t miss the house , I don’t miss the land , I don’t miss my neighbours , I don’t miss the calm and quiet.

I miss my plants .

I miss the sparrow family that lived in our bed room sun shade . They also go to bed along with us . We hear them chirping even in the night .

The bulbuls that lived in the mango tree in the front yard . The sun birds and wag tails and the butterflies that frolicked my garden . The parrots , yellow mag pies and  mynahs that came in and out of the tree holes as they liked . The quail couple , spotted cuckoo and the group of crow pheasants ( uppan ) that visited the back yard. The Mangoose family .

The jasmines and tube roses in the front that I planted especially to fill the threshold with their sweet fragrance in the evenings .

Mandaram , Shoe flowers , Rajamalli , Kongini poo , Nandiarvattom, Golden trumpet flowers …. I miss them all.

Now , coming back to the Thursday challenge ,


‘Paneer Pasanda’ as we called it . When we tried to make it at home after our scrumptious meal at ‘Oottupura ‘ , Vytilla.

Thursday Challenge this week  “FOOD” (Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…) Next Week: TOYS (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,…)

Legos Helipad

Minnie and Daisy

These two cuties are Pearl’s pets . Minnie and Daisy as she calls them ( after girl friends of Mickey and Donald) .

She brought it from her Aunt’s house when they were just few weeks old .

Once she even took it her school in a carton to show it to her teacher and friends . And guess what , Most of the kids hadn’t seen a rabbit in their whole life !!!

The snaps were taken by Ruby .

As for the ‘Thursday challenge’ , I was under the impression this week’s theme was rain and clouds . So logged in to post a snap of summer rain from my archive . But ah ! I was so wrong . Any way it has happened so may times before . So if you really want to see any ‘brown’ please look at the earth beside the rabbits 😛