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Book Marks For Swetha

It was Siva’s Book Mark making day. And  some how I managed  to send him some smart paper cuts which obviously none of his friends had !

I had promised Swetha a few weeks before  that I will make some book marks for her as she doesn’t want to keep reading folds on her books ! It is no wonder that she didn’t forget it . She had only been back from school and wanted to make them right away.

Thankfully Siva came forward to help me . He was so excited about the whole thing as teacher told him his book marks were very nice.

I just had to give them some cut out papers.

And some stickers ….

And freedom !

Beautiful book marks were ready in no time .

My Only contribution  was a reference . A gift from an old friend  , Long cherished !


( It was  11.00 pm when I had reached the book shop for the chart paper and the shop keeper had almost closed   . Thank God he is not one of types who shows long faces . And I was relieved when the next time I went there he asked me in detail about this book mark making thing bcoz with book week celebrations going on in full swing he  is getting  so many queries !! )