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Ruby and Emerald!

I am tired explaining to my kids every time that they are equally important to me. And if I say one is good it does not mean that other is bad!

I realised that  I will have to work out something to make them understand ! Then this idea struck me.

I started to explain. More to myself than to them.

Imagine that I have got a Ruby and an Emerald. Which one is more good? It took my Son only a second to answer it.

” How can we ever compare them ? They are both precious stones !”  Thank God ! He knows ! Now only he completed the lesson ‘Ruby returns’ !

So you two are my Ruby and  my Emerald . Both colours are my favourites  and I cannot choose between them .

Which one do You want to be ?  A Ruby or an Emerald ? I asked him without giving any suggestions .  I had a feeling he was going to stick to it all through his life. So I wanted him to make the decision on his own.He wanted to be ‘ Ruby ‘ with out any doubt.

Now he seemed to understand why you cant compare two kids.

But the next day he surprised me by digging out one of his old school magazines which had a writing on Navaratnas. He made me read every bit of it to see if a Emerald is in any way better than a Ruby . Or if there is anything better than a Ruby . He seems to be content with what has been written.

Incidentally I found out that Ruby is the birthstone of July borns ! How amazing!

The next day he surprised me even more explaining to me about the Navaratnas in Akbar’s court and what they were specialised for. Oh god! I will have to work even harder to keep up with him!

My daughter has not given in as she doesn’t know what a precious stone means! But I am sure she will also come around. Being a Scorpio her birth stone is Topaz. But an Emerald will do,  as emerald green suits her very well!.

I cant think of the time when my son finds out the emerald ring in my finger. I will have to find out some crazy explanation by then or get a ruby myself.That sounds fine with me! ha ha!

So much for a cooked up Ruby and Emerald  Story.


August 11

This was posted almost a year ago . Now they know they are treated equally . And They have found out daughter’s birth stone is pearl . And she is ready to accept it .

We move on with life and they are now ‘ Ruby ‘and’ Pearl ‘.