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For a Slim 2011 and ahead ! ( Smart Escaso Club )

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A few years before my sister had gone to a slimming clinic and was able to cut down a considerable few pounds . She was back in shape and looked terrific . And we were all very happy. A couple of months back when I mentioned this possibility to a fellow blogger she posed her doubt about the possible side effects that may occur from the products they use in the slim clinics.

Then only I thought about that part of it and was really worried for my sister . Two of my close friends are in slimming industry and I thought it is time to ask them what they do inside there other than starving people . Just kidding 😀 But until then I had only thought about the glamor of the job and all . May be I should think about the other part too.

Being a person who is interested in the How and Why I called up my friend Dr.Grinto Davy , my classmate and friend . I terribly wanted to know how they bring down the body weight. Of course it could not be magic ! I wanted to know it from the perspective of a layman and I wanted more people to benefit from it if it is really safe and with out any side effects .

The points mentioned here are from Dr.Grinto Davy Chirakkekkaran’s personal experiences as a Physiotherapist for over ten years and as the Proprietor and Chief Therapist of the slimming clinic ” Smart ESCASO Club ”  at Poonkunnam , Thrissur, Kerala .

To lose those extra pounds you don’t have to jog till you are tired to your bones or starve till you go mad with hunger pangs . But it is a must that you should eat food just like any other normal person.

The principle is to bring down the excess  fat in the body and thus reduce the weight .

According to Grinto,  we can bring down the body weight by reducing the water content of the body and also by reducing the muscle weight . But these are not the scientific methods to reduce body weight . The ideal way is to begin with identifying the amount of fat present in your body. ( Body fat percentage )

After determining the amount of excess fat present in the body , modern machines and a quality diet is used to get rid of the excess fat in a natural way . The machines are without side effects and produces effects equal to the normal body metabolism .

Among the modern machines one which needs special reference is the Ultrasonic Lipo Suction Machine . This machine uses Ultrasound and Radio frequency  for fat modulation . It can suck out accumulated excess fat from any part of your body .  When a part of the body is massaged using this machine the excess fat present breaks down and is then excreted through the body vessels just as in Normal metabolism. There is no risk of burns and no damage is done to the nerves, vessels or connective tissue.

The privacy of the client is given prime importance during the massage and other procedures and female therapists are there to attend female clients. No other medicine or injection  is used along with it . And no other invasive procedures are involved .

There are other machines which gives the same effect as when exercise is done . When it is massaged with the patient lying it will give the same movements as when running . This is usually used for aged patients and others who suffer from joint pains.

By saying all these he doesn’t mean the weight can be brought down in the blink of an eye . From his experience it will take up to 45 days to cut down 3-6 kilos of body weight.

To reduce the skin elasticity problems and to ensure that the normal skin tone is maintained, special skin treatment is given using the sand from the Dead Sea.

According to him , the long intervals between food intake is the actual culprit behind the diet problems . After some time it acts as a vicious cycle resulting in over weight or obesity . Eating large quantities of food in a single bout also adds to it .

A thirty year healthy male requires 15 % lipid fat in his body . The percentage is 21% for females . Up to the age of fifty, this  is 17% and 23 % respectively. Above fifty years this goes up to 19% and 25% .

You can also express your views on slimming clinics here . It would help to throw some light on the doubts and fears of common people .