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Ente maavum pookkum..

For a few weeks I have been hugging and stroking and talking to my mango trees with a prayer that this year they will give sweet mangoes instead of the sour ones they usually have .

Not much later I saw small small flower sprouts on it . Ah ! This year it is going to be great.

I have  kept a cool recipe from my mom -in- law to make tasty tender mangoes in brine. I even made a  list of friends to whom I should give the extra mangoes . I could see how kids will enjoy the ripe mangoes . It is one of Siva’s favourite sport to pluck them all along with his father.

All the  mango trees in the neighborhood are heaving with flowers. And what did my sprouts turn out to be ?

New leaves ! Yes, a whole round of new leaves when every where else there are flowers.

And I get……..

Heaps and heaps of fallen leaves to rake !

One day standing under the canopy I announced it . ” I am going to cut this tree. ” That is the best thing to do. At least the front yard could be kept clean.

And what did I see the next day ?

Flowers . I am overwhelmed !

I have heard that plants can hear . I remember the speech given by much admired Dr.Gopalakrishnan Sir(  Senior scientist working in CSIR, Trivandrum and Honorary Director for Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage) on how somebody has developed a rose with no thorns in it just by asking the Rose plant to do so every day !