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Fire flies in my bed room .

Yesterday night when I switched off my bed room light I saw a fire fly blinking near the kids’ bed.

The child in me was very happy to see it. A fire fly in my bed room ! Ah !

I thought about the times we had spent trying to catch them . The monsoon nights  . The wet feel. the cry of the frog. the screeching crickets .The pond near to the house glittering like Christmas lights in the night . The calm  darkness .

The teenager in me was excited .  I thought of ‘ Njan Gandharvan‘ . The lover who comes by the night as a fire fly . The sweet fragrance of ezhilam pala !

The mother in me was concerned . Would it go into my kids’ ears ? Do they bite ? I will have to check google tomorrow.

After much weighing I decided to hush it out .All this time the fire fly was there . Blinking happily. Content . Not flying.

In the dark I tried to catch it . But couldn’t . It was there blinking. I switched on the light ….

It took me some time to realise it was my mobile in some screen save mode that Siva had changed recently.

And no fire flies  !