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After reading the whole book ” Gently falls the Bakula ‘ by Sudha Murthi , I found from google that Bakula  refers to ‘ Ilanji’  flowers .

Yesterday sister and I have been thinking hard which flower it could be .

Ilanji is the tree under which  Hubby and I used to spend so many happy hours as engaged couple . I have even posted about it here!

Now that I have read this book it feels so eerie !!

The beauty of silence …..

There was a time when I used to observe a young man in our youth group ,just out of curiosity.

Because he was so different from everybody else . Always had a smiling face and the most simple ways .

I always looked for his face first in the group and was bored when he didn’t turn up. But we never talked . I had a good rapport with every body else in the group but not to this person.

Why ?

I don’t know …

Once then, we all went for a camp . But this young man didn’t come for some unknown reasons .  His friends waited for him till the end .

When we came back he was there at the railway station to welcome us .

I wanted to tell him that we missed him at the camp . But thought it wouldn’t be important .

He appeared to be very happy to see his friends . They decided to hang out for a while and I went home with my father and life moved on.

A few days later , he proposed to  my parents . While we had gone for the camp he had gone to talk to his parents ( 🙄 from reliable sources )

Since then, for ten years now  that man has been surprising me , every day of my life . And I loved watching him evolve into my best friend , a dynamic husband and a loving father .

My better half ,  My love. Happy Wedding Anniversary !

Springtime by Pierre-August Cot . One of my favourite paintings . Lovers caught in spring time forever ,and nothing else in this world matters.

Edited to add , on June 11 ‘ 2011

Today Pearl asked us if it is our B’day today . She is not yet familiar with anniversaries . I told her it is . Because before , we were just two different persons . “WE ” was born only on the day of marriage .

Happy Mother’s Day !

Mother and child - Raja Ravi Varma

To My mom, For she is the only one who understands what is in my mind. I can fool the whole world . But not her !

To my Mom , For she taught me to love . That love can make miracles, That love is the only answer !

To my Mom , For she taught me selflessness !

To my Mom , for she taught me to smile , hug and kiss !

To my Mom, for she taught me to cook with passion and serve with love  !

To my Mom , for she taught me the most important lesson in my life ; To forgive when some body hurts you !

To my Mom, for making Me out of me !


On Mother’s day , Indus Ladies has compiled an ebook of Indian Mommy bloggers .

Indusladies Mommy Bloggers EBook

A scorpio will show itself….

A true scorpio will show itself even at a young age.

Here is one of Swetha’s rough work !

It says Siva ♥ Swetha and Swetha ♥ Siva.

She did it with so much enthusiasm and showed it around .

But I found this paper in the dust bin,  torn and crumbled with her name scored out .

What happened is Siva refused to accept that he loves her. At the age of 8 his idea of love is different.

But for a Scorpio like  Swetha ” Love is all and all is Love “.

And don’t ever mess with a Scorpio when it comes to love. You are warned !

As a mother I can see a lot of troubled waters ahead ! 😀

Happy Valentines Week !


“Your love is the song in my heart, the sunshine in my sky,

The promise of my world and the center of my Universe.”

One of the  first few words my fiance’  spoke to me was that I should be independent as an individual and should never lose my individuality.

Then I was in  college.Life was full of fun and friends.Marriage was just a word which meant a gathering, new dresses, a new friend and complete commitment.I wondered what this man would want me to do.

But today,after all these years of being together with him I realize the strength and beauty of those words.He helped me with my first steps as an individual. He taught me how to stand straight with my head high and how to tackle  my ‘switch on’ tears. Consoled me when I had nightmares.He gave me a new pair of eyes to see this world. Gave me wings of  freedom to explore myself.

More than anything he always  believed  in my skills .

At this moment standing at the threshold of tenth year of togetherness I borrow the very first words I had written to him.

“For a bonding that will last forever and will be forever new.”