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The Dyscalculia Day


So , today also happens to be the ‘Dyscalculia Day ‘ . Well , if ‘dyscalculics’ remember what day it is .

I came to know about dyscalculia from Tiff of Free play life . It was an instant recognition . The feeling of belonging. Of finding a place/group where you truly belong . At last .

Ever since then , along with all the online reading and researches I have done about it I have also tried to spread the word . But the ultimate truth is people do not care . Of course they have more pressing problems.

Whether the human race cares about dyscalculia or not knowing about this condition has helped me in more ways than I can fathom. It pushed me to plan and organise meticulously . Earlier I did not care much about sorting out papers or keeping them in order . Because I always thought it is the same for every other person. I thought misplacing them or forgetting them regularly was just continuous accidents that can happen to any one .

But now I take it as a task . I keep separate folders and files . Colour coded. With a little effort my papers and slips and cards and bills go into the correct folders. Even when I get disorganised I do not feel helpless as I used to. I just take the time to put them in order.

I keep email back ups. Scan and back up required documents . Set enough alarms and reminders. Has a digital clock in my living room .

I shop only in supermarkets where I do not have to worry about change and weight and calculations. With small changes I have stopped calculating as I will confuse the person further. But , there are people who try to trick you smartly when they see the blank look on your face . So if I feel  something is fishy I take the time and patience to check it through . Serves them right 😛 With major transactions I do some home work and get every thing correct and ready .

And most of all , I do not take up work from others which I am sure I will mess up. Even when it happens I just pat on my shoulder and move on. In short life is much more easier when you know you are dyscalculic than when you doesn’t have a clue what is going on and why you are forgetting and making a fool of yourself.

With the knowledge about this problem I was able to overcome my phobia towards cash and banks. Now I do not panic when I have to deal with numbers . Calculator is my constant companion . I may stumble in between but I know I will find my way out . I was able to draw up a routine which is efficient and flexible enough to give me space . And now I do not make a fuss about my problems . Instead I figure out ways to deal with it . Each and every one of them. It took 3-4 years , but now I can say ‘Yes , It is oK . I can deal with this ‘.

Whenever I speak to someone about the difficulties I have as a dyscalculic they tell me, ” It is just because you are not concentrating enough . It is the same for every one . You should pay more attention .” (That is the most frustrating part .) But I think for a dyscalculic it not about paying attention or concentrating more . It is about ‘not panicking’ and ‘finding ways’ with which he/she can cope better .

And that is why awareness is important . Common man may be amused to know about this condition . But to a dyscalculic it is an answer to all the problems they have been facing ever since they can remember . It is the answer to that nagging question ‘ why I am different ‘ .

If you are interested you can find more about dyscalculia here : Check for symptoms of Dyscalculia here.

Spread the word . It will help a dyscalculic person to get a grip on his/ her life. And feel happy about himself/herself.



“Your love is the song in my heart, the sunshine in my sky,

The promise of my world and the center of my Universe.”

One of the  first few words my fiance’  spoke to me was that I should be independent as an individual and should never lose my individuality.

Then I was in  college.Life was full of fun and friends.Marriage was just a word which meant a gathering, new dresses, a new friend and complete commitment.I wondered what this man would want me to do.

But today,after all these years of being together with him I realize the strength and beauty of those words.He helped me with my first steps as an individual. He taught me how to stand straight with my head high and how to tackle  my ‘switch on’ tears. Consoled me when I had nightmares.He gave me a new pair of eyes to see this world. Gave me wings of  freedom to explore myself.

More than anything he always  believed  in my skills .

At this moment standing at the threshold of tenth year of togetherness I borrow the very first words I had written to him.

“For a bonding that will last forever and will be forever new.”


Tomorrow , my daughter  will also start going to school, along with her brother.

Today I let her sleep as long as she wanted because from tomorrow onwards she is also going to be considered as  an individual  like anybody else!

Years of home works, projects,responsibilities, discipline…….

I am at the same time excited and tensed.I could only remember how small and cute she was when we held her first. Four years passed like four days and here she is ………Gathering her things for tomorrow’s school!

It feels like letting off a small fish to a pond . So much to explore, so much to achieve…! A moment to relinquish.

Go on….. Prosper….Our blessings and prayers are with you!

I think motherhood is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anybody’s life!

Enjoy it when the kids are with you . Give them your love and care without any constraints…!

Nowadays, Children can afford to live with their parents only till they pass plus two. After that they will have to join the rat race for professional courses, ……..then comes marriage ….and off they go in search of their own destiny.

How much I miss being my father’s daughter. Sometimes I even envy my kids when I see my parents’ love towards them. But then I realize they are showing their love towards their children.

It is nice to be a mother. It is even nicer to be a daughter.

But then,

Life is like that……..!