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Unaccustomed earth

My 5th book in the 20 books challenge . I have finished Unaccustomed earth and is almost inside the book even now.  I had read ‘Namesake’ and liked it very much.

So some how I thought this also was a novel . Only after 2 or 3 chapters I noticed that they are not interconnected and are short stories.

Reading every short story I wanted to know more about each character . I wanted to know what happened to their lives . ( review of the book by New york Times )

Jumpa Lehri has her own way of weaving images . I was very much taken up by the last part that I don’t know how many days it will take for me to be out of it and I don’t know how many times lonely beach and a handsome drowning boy will haunt me in my dreams !

The image has taken up my mind so much I cannot think of the other stories. But I got involved in every one of them and it took me days to cut myself off . I get very much carried away by characters and their thoughts.