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The world of grass hoppers.

I don’t know exactly how many grass hoppers Ruby has brought home till date . Any time he could be found with a bottle for grass hoppers, with even grass for them to eat.

Whenever he goes out he finds out grass hoppers from no where. When we go to the park he suddenly points out the group of grass hoppers and the endless activities that goes on in the ground which we may otherwise not notice. After he gets dressed for school he goes hunting for grass hoppers.

This grass hopper, he claims to have saved from drowning. And sadly enough he could not find its family . They had even put some name  for it which I don’t remember . But I realised it is a bit difficult to take this guy’s snap. Anyways he seemed to listen to Ruby.

Now he pores himself into the book of bugs we got from the Book Fest. He even sleeps with that book.

Right now he is reading the book to his grand mother and she is listening obligingly. 😀

Yesterday he enacted to me how a butterfly sucks nectar from a flower. How the wings move , how it maintains balance and so many other details which obviously he had observed himself.  ( I wonder how they diagnosed him with ADDH )

I seriously think he may take up Entomology for his higher studies. ughh !!! Of all !!!

I don’t know if it is a trait of LD kids, they have a love for the down trodden. In the aquarium his favourite is the sucker , which no body else will notice otherwise.

Anyway now the skin specialist has warned him that grass hoppers may bite  sometimes and he has to be careful.

Books we Read .

I used to have a tough time selecting  books for my kids. But what I do now is just ask them what would they want to read. Or ask them to select themselves. And then I select some more books following the thread , which they may need for further reading . I note down the books and characters referred in their texts and get them later or take print outs from net.

They have developed a habit of looking at the back page to see what all books the publishers have in the same series and collecting them all. Yes, to some extent I give in.

Ruby has a taste for magic and mystery books and fairy tales.  His interests are so diverse   😀 . Pearl has no doubts about anything whatsoever.  She always knows her stuff.

They read and reread to their will .  And they refer back to their books whenever they come across the same words or points. While doing projects or looking for extra points they know exactly in which book and where they can find them.When their favourite cartoons come on tv they take their books as well.

What I found out is ,  it is much easier to buy books than to lend them. The fine I give to the library is costing me a fortune.

Their Aunt's contribution

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The books the kids  select themselves ,they will finish it either from the book shop itself or on their way back home. The books I select for them, they may finish in the next day  or next year. Usually in chunks. Anyway they go through the book and refer back when needed.