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The newly set aquarium and instant story.

Monthly cleaning of the aquarium is one of my most dreaded chores. But thanks to my kids , anything messy is their favourite.They will help me all through it.

When we arranged the aquarium after wards Ruby wanted to place a treasure chest ( an old ring box ) and some stairs . This lead to a whole new idea. Why can’t we arrange an under water world. So we gathered the odds and ends and went for it.

There is  a house , a pebble path , a forest , a pillar rock and an under water tunnel .

( The ( under water tunnel ) broken pot is very important. They are pieces of earthen pot Siva had taken to his ‘ show and tell’ two years back.  He had spoken about ‘ eco  friendliness ” . The pot broke even before the program started . In spite of that he participated and got first prize. It is a piece of pride for both of us. I just couldn’t throw it away. )

The most amazing part is Ruby instantly told us a story about the newly set aquarium with the fishes as characters. When I suggested I will write them down he  told another one . And all this with in almost five minutes. He was so taken up by me writing the story for him he read it to his aunt over the phone and the next day took it to his school. I wrote it with pencil in case he wants to change it later. He also drew a picture of the aquarium .

My son has almost quit writing because he was so fed up with spelling. His sentence formation is also not good. But when I copied down his story for him while he was orating it, I was amazed to see the correct sentence formations , vocabulary , character formation and also the rapid fire of ideas and thoughts of each character. ( I can never concentrate like that )

Since then I have been wondering how these kids can store so much in their brain without giving out a hint of it until we reach them. We will always think they are sitting idle. When I asked him for a story about his new aquarium he was so spontaneous.

I have got a long way to go . He is not yet ready to write on his own. I copied the story down just to show him how talented he is . And he was so proud of it . ( more than making a story , me wanting to write it down )

May be after so many years when he become a famous writer I can say that I wrote his first manuscript 🙂