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Open House

I had gone to my kids’ school for open house. Swetha ‘s teacher always have praises for her . So it is nice to hear.

When I went for the last open house I had been running around to tell every one that my child is is different and needs more help and acceptance. It wasn’t that easy. It is the first report of Siva after he started to take the resource help and after he was diagnosed with LD.

Since then our life has changed so much. We started to explore. Along with the studies our days were fun packed . We did lots of project works. Did a lot of reading.

I realised it is possible to enjoy life in full swing along with the studies and home works and daily routine and that we dont have to wait till vacation for having fun.

I had been thinking all the while Siva’s teachers will be having so many points to tell me.But his class teacher is the most relaxed and considerate teacher I have ever met. Instead of telling me anything she asked ” what you think ? How is he ?”

” Well, I am satisfied. He has improved a lot .”

Of course, That is the truth. Apart from the academics  his social skills have improved a lot since the second term. Now he has so many friends. He speaks to them. Earlier he used to be sent out of the class frequently. Got himself in so many troubles unintentionally. But not anymore.

His teacher told me that he is a good child. There is nothing you have to be worried about. Just think that he is a normal child.

His English teacher told me some very nice words that I am the one ultimately responsible for the change by coming up with the correct problem and report so they were able to understand him and they wish all the mothers to be like this . I was overwhelmed.

I thanked them for the support and care they have given to my child. And how efficiently they have brought him into the normal stream.

My whole world revolves around my kids. Sometimes I wonder what I will do once both of them would be  grown up and would not need me!

These are some precious moments when I feel , as a mother my life is worth it. I know I have a long way to go. But comments like this assures me that I am on the right track .

Giftedness , Learning Disability, Dyslexia; Please Don’t feel bad to get help!

I have only heard every body telling me that my son can do better. “He is just not trying “and “he is distracted “.

Even though we realised earlier he may be having a learning problem I hadn’t asked any body for help. I thought they may, well, think I am exaggerating or even worse think that my son is just dumb which I don’t want to hear.

I weighed in mind several times whether I should or I shouldn’t when I asked his Paediatrician , Dr. M.Venugopal about his problem. Then he asked me, ” Why didn’t you tell me earlier. Please get your child assessed . That is the simplest thing to do. It will not affect his confidence. And more, you can be sure if anything needs to be done.”

He gave me a referance letter to Child Care Centre . I was dumbfounded. Help was so near, within an arm’s distance and it took me so much time to realise it. I think this is where the importance of awareness comes.

I tell about this to anybody I come across , bcoz only God knows may be their child is also suffering and may be he/she needs help and they do not realise. I think about the years my son suffered, I think about the change I could have bring if I had known.

As Siva has got a very good memory he does good in his exams. Otherwise he struggles a lot in lot of areas.

But this year they have more self writing questions. While preparing for the exams I found that he stumbles with basic words like ‘ on, the , be’  as though he has never seen them before. That is when I decided to go straight away and take an assessment.

This time he cudn’t write first term exams as he was ill and so there were no marks to look out for. So I cud get through and get assistance from resource dept. And his new class teacher couldn’t have been more considerate.

When I went to meet his resource teacher yesterday it was a completely different story.

No complaints of being distracted or not trying. Till then I had been defending him all along .

Actually she told me ” Your son  is getting bored in his class. Give him more mental and physical work. Please  Don’t stress him about spellings. I know what you have been going through. Your son has a ‘Bright normal  IQ ‘ and it is very good.We will see that he is properly taken care of . Principal Mam wants a list of gifted children. We will give him work that matches his IQ. ”

Suddenly I found out that I have no more words left to say. It was the first time he was wholeheartedly accepted for his intelligence and God given gifts. I could feel tears welling in my eyes . I somehow managed to  mouth a ‘Thank you’ and simply left the place !