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Tomorrow , my daughter  will also start going to school, along with her brother.

Today I let her sleep as long as she wanted because from tomorrow onwards she is also going to be considered as  an individual  like anybody else!

Years of home works, projects,responsibilities, discipline…….

I am at the same time excited and tensed.I could only remember how small and cute she was when we held her first. Four years passed like four days and here she is ………Gathering her things for tomorrow’s school!

It feels like letting off a small fish to a pond . So much to explore, so much to achieve…! A moment to relinquish.

Go on….. Prosper….Our blessings and prayers are with you!

I think motherhood is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anybody’s life!

Enjoy it when the kids are with you . Give them your love and care without any constraints…!

Nowadays, Children can afford to live with their parents only till they pass plus two. After that they will have to join the rat race for professional courses, ……..then comes marriage ….and off they go in search of their own destiny.

How much I miss being my father’s daughter. Sometimes I even envy my kids when I see my parents’ love towards them. But then I realize they are showing their love towards their children.

It is nice to be a mother. It is even nicer to be a daughter.

But then,

Life is like that……..!