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Why cant a full time planning Mom beat a Cool Dad?

” You want a list of your son’s favourite things ? Here they are ! He likes to read a lot of books, He like to go to new places, He likes to know how people live there…….. And a dozen more! ” His father told me .

“Hey, how do you know?” I asked.

” I just asked him” he stated as though it was the most simplest thing to do.

‘This is not fair. This is cheating. You got only a jiffy to talk to him while I was talking to his teacher . Surely you must have bargained him for something. You never speak to him in long lengths ( Like I do)’ ! I wanted to say.

And’ Siva , You confided in your father despite me spending all time with you and running around to straighten every thing out for you?

What did I miss?’ I have never heard my son answering his questions so directly. And his father would never bother to read between the lines.

‘This not at all fair! There sure should be some arrangements between both of you. I would like to call for a foul. ‘

There were lots of things rapid firing in my head.

But then , I should have known it. His father is much smarter than his mother. It is as simple as that!

They both sat there grinning at me as though they share some secret code.

And I tell you, I love him for that! For getting better of me every time without even trying!