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The Blogging Bug

I sort of stepped out of blogging when I felt I could no more take the pressure of preforming for an audience . You know , I was not sure if I am in the correct path in parenting . And I was not sure if I will rise up to the standards expected from a veteran blogger .

I have been thinking about it for a while . I think I am ready to take the next leap. I thought a lot about a new blog . Like a next season for Krishnaleela. But couldn’t find anything better than this . Even now I feel I belong here. And as I have endorsed many times before it just feels great to be acknowledged as a blogger .

Many things changed over the year . We shifted to an apartment .

The last year was more or less about settling in . Which also means now I have to go to office instead of working lazily and blogging away from my office cum residence . It also means now I have no view of any plants or birds or butterflies hovering in my garden . Other than that life in a flat is ok.

I also disowned many things including my pet dog , aquarium  and my favourite pots of plants. So, for now other than the kids and the husband and a mobile which needs to be charged now and then I do not have anything that needs to be taken care of regularly . From being the hoarder I have been now I have changed into a purger who do not keep anything she do not need. Definitely nothing that needs my time and care . I learned to say ‘ No’ to anything  I do not want to do or keep. Though people frown upon me ( being the nut case I am ) this has opened up a whole lot of venues where I can actually do things I want and have left me with a feeling of lightheartedness. Nothing -to- fret over- whatsoever-like- feeling .

Kids now engage themselves . Pearl is always busy scribbling and playing with her dolls . It amazes me how easily she makes bubble solution . Even though it makes the floor a bit messy and the hand- wash vanishes in no time I am tempted to ask her the secret formula . I could never do it as a child or adult .

Ruby now study by himself with my guidance . Anyway we are about to put it in test with the exams just round the corner .

Now he pores over Percy Jackson series and Wimpy kid . Pearl is catching up fast with Germione Stilton and Amar chitra Katha. Pearl has become a huge fan of Doremon and Ruby’s new craze is ‘Slug Terra ‘ .

And a long vacation to look forward to.


Wordless @ Western Ghats

Where nature is the teacher




The world of grass hoppers.

I don’t know exactly how many grass hoppers Ruby has brought home till date . Any time he could be found with a bottle for grass hoppers, with even grass for them to eat.

Whenever he goes out he finds out grass hoppers from no where. When we go to the park he suddenly points out the group of grass hoppers and the endless activities that goes on in the ground which we may otherwise not notice. After he gets dressed for school he goes hunting for grass hoppers.

This grass hopper, he claims to have saved from drowning. And sadly enough he could not find its family . They had even put some name  for it which I don’t remember . But I realised it is a bit difficult to take this guy’s snap. Anyways he seemed to listen to Ruby.

Now he pores himself into the book of bugs we got from the Book Fest. He even sleeps with that book.

Right now he is reading the book to his grand mother and she is listening obligingly. 😀

Yesterday he enacted to me how a butterfly sucks nectar from a flower. How the wings move , how it maintains balance and so many other details which obviously he had observed himself.  ( I wonder how they diagnosed him with ADDH )

I seriously think he may take up Entomology for his higher studies. ughh !!! Of all !!!

I don’t know if it is a trait of LD kids, they have a love for the down trodden. In the aquarium his favourite is the sucker , which no body else will notice otherwise.

Anyway now the skin specialist has warned him that grass hoppers may bite  sometimes and he has to be careful.

Book Marks For Swetha

It was Siva’s Book Mark making day. And  some how I managed  to send him some smart paper cuts which obviously none of his friends had !

I had promised Swetha a few weeks before  that I will make some book marks for her as she doesn’t want to keep reading folds on her books ! It is no wonder that she didn’t forget it . She had only been back from school and wanted to make them right away.

Thankfully Siva came forward to help me . He was so excited about the whole thing as teacher told him his book marks were very nice.

I just had to give them some cut out papers.

And some stickers ….

And freedom !

Beautiful book marks were ready in no time .

My Only contribution  was a reference . A gift from an old friend  , Long cherished !


( It was  11.00 pm when I had reached the book shop for the chart paper and the shop keeper had almost closed   . Thank God he is not one of types who shows long faces . And I was relieved when the next time I went there he asked me in detail about this book mark making thing bcoz with book week celebrations going on in full swing he  is getting  so many queries !! )

Our little expeditions – Constellations

Siva had a portable planetaurium show at his school and he is all the more excited about Universe and planets and constellations, even though he cannot pronounce it correctly.

Dome interior

When we googled in to see the ‘Great bear’ , he immediately pointed out the Great dipper. He is a bit confused about which way it is pointing. And I almost burst into tears . Not because of seeing my son’s brilliance. But it is just impossible for me to see it , no matter however hard I try. ( Not even with the line drawn connecting those stars. )

If possible I would have borrowed his eyes for a while . Just to see the constellation at least for once. For me , stars are just.. well, beautiful bright spots scattered in the sky. I can see and savor their beauty but I cannot see their alignments.

Three dimensional view of anything is one of Siva’s greatest strength and it is one of my greatest weakness. I cannot help wondering what a nice pair we make. ” Mannankattayum Kariyilayum ” !

From the Great bear we moved on to Polar bear- North Pole – Arctic and Antarctic regions – Near to the bear – Polar bear- Away from the bear – penguins- Penguins live in South Pole because there are no predators there on land – They make nest with pebbles and bones . And from there we moved on to the countries near the polar region.

The Spice box .

You will wonder finding out how much kids can learn from day to day life.

When I asked Pearl to set up the spice box for me I just wanted to keep her busy. She got so excited about the idea and Ruby also joined her.

First I had asked her only to clean and wipe the boxes . Any way she was washing them on her own.  She has the habit of washing every thing set on the dining table. The wash basin is ideal for her height.

Seeing their enthusiasm I asked them to fill the spices also.

As always Ruby made a step by step plan and arrangements to do it. How the small boxes will come in a line , get cleaned and filled ( he would have weighed it also if he could ) and go into the bigger box as though it is done in a factory by some machine.

It was fun to watch them taking turns and doing it on their own. Unknowingly I also joined in.

When they started filling the boxes I explained to them the name of the spices , which part of the plant is being used , which of them give the aroma for their different favourite dishes and their uses other than cooking. Ruby also contributed his part.

From the encyclopedia we found out pictures , their names in our mother tongue and some other foreign spices and herbs commonly used and it turned out into a spicy evening.


I remember vividly  when I was a kid just like them , how my mother used to explain to me about the anatomy of fish when she cleaned them , about air bladders , fins and gills , stream lining, breeding .

How she explained to me about different plants and their species while she worked in the kitchen and I helped her or simply hanged around ,  how plants propagated and pollinated , the toxins that may be present in different plants  , how fungus and algae grow, how they have deep roots down in the food and spores and lot of other things .

In simple words and some times using definite terms.

It really ignited my interest in them and gave me a good start when I selected Bio for my college levels.

She collected books with astronomy and stars and planets because I was very much interested in heavenly bodies and their arrangements .

Your mother will always know you deep down to your heart. I can fool any body in this whole world but not her.