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Craft Works 2010-’11


Shoe flower


My Garden

Humming Bird

The glittering House


The Best All Rounder !

Right from the day she was born , she has been the joy of our heart, and as they say the ‘lamp of our house’.

Describing Pearl is as difficult as describing Ruby , but for different reasons. Spoiled to the last bit by every member of the family , she is her father’s pet .  The Granma of the house , she decides what every body else  should do.

When she started to go to school I wondered how life would change for us. After all most one year , we are here. All set. Pearl has grown into a responsible student.

Nobody has to ask her about her home work. If a work is not finished she will do it the first thing after coming home. ( though some times I have seen her doing it only minutes before the van arrives 😀 Even then she remembers and does it herself. )

She is crazy about projects. For LKG they have very few compulsory projects. But she made me do umpteen number of them. She wanted to make a chart on anything that has been taken. She will not go to sleep unless her chart is finished.

If teacher asked for an object with an alphabet she would take a whole collection. If she cant write down a list for her father she will draw down what all she wants to take to school.

Whenever I ask her, her bag would be packed and in order. She is well organised and knows exactly where is what . She  is the exact opposite of her brother  . Her specialty is spellings . She has a great liking for letters and craft work.

She takes notice of every single thing that happens in the house . Recognises it the minute if some body is moody or not well. Helps me in the kitchen ( even though some times it back fires 😀 )  and with other chores. In any given subject she has her say.

I cannot say that she has gone after me as none of these are my good qualities. All my weaknesses are her strengths. It is only a matter of time when she will over throw me and become the Lady of the house. I wonder!

She helps her dyslexic brother and dyscalculic mother in every way, as much a 5 yr old can. That is why when she came home from school with this , I was dumbfounded! If there was an award giving  at our home I would have given her the same . The Best all rounder 🙂

Bird’s nest

Birds in my neighborhood

This is the first chart Siva has done by himself. Well, It needed a lot of poking and patience from my side.

One of Siva’s new year resolutions ( of course , just like you thought I made it for him ) is that he will write down the pictures that comes to his mind and just like they come. No need to think if it will be OK !

They had to observe 3 birds for a few days and write down what they saw.

And here we are, All done and hmm.. well… almost neatly !

My moment of pride is he wrote the name himself. He would not have done  it,… if he thought it is not up to it or that he did not earn it . Until now I had written the names for all his assignments. And this is something!

Birds in my neighborhood


It is the most common bird in Kerala. It is black in colour.

There is crow’s nest on my mango tree. I can see it from my terrace. The nest is made of sticks and dried grass. One day I saw the crow chasing a cuckoo away.

It perches on the branches and pecks almost anything. Sometimes I see it flying in small groups. It readily flies down to eat the bread crumbs and grains we throw.

It returns to its nest by sunset and there will be a lot of noise.


It is a small bird. Light and dark brown in colour. I see a lot of sparrows in my front garden.

They perch on small trees and hop on the ground. They feed on the  insects and earth worms.

Sometimes we keep left over grains for them. They even comes inside our house.It has a sweet voice.

There is a sparrow’s nest on our bed room ventillation. It is made of hay. Sometimes in the night we can hear the birds chirping.

Humming bird

It is the smallest bird. It has a long and thin beak.

There are 4-5 humming birds which visit my garden every day. They keep on flapping their wings while they drink nectar from the flowers. They can fly backwards .   Every evening two of them come and sit on the jasmine vine. We even took a photo.

Also in my neighbourhood I have seen bulbuls, Mynah, kingfisher, quail, parrot , egret, pegion, wood pecker, owl, wag tail, and crow patridge ( uppan ).