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K for kite

Swetha wants to do a kite. She has her own ideas of making it. Mind you. It is not in the curriculum. But she wants to make it.

Anyway in the evening they settled in front of the tv as usual. I was about to tell them what we could do. But then I thought . No, I have to change that nature of mine .

I will have to let them lead me.

So I made myself ask them what they  want to do in the evening.

Then Siva spontaneously told me he wants to make a kite for Swetha. So he  has  ideas in his mind other than watching tv. I flinched.

We started without anything. We looked into our activity box for odds and ends. Slowly every thing poured in. Their ideas kept on improving and changing.

They took turns to cut  and paste it.

The kite was finished within no time and it was very cute.

They couldn’t have been  more happier .