Wordless it is !

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The mental Jigsaw

I feel so restless . It feels like I am looking for a piece of a jigsaw puzzle ( in a  dark forest ) which will finally bring me eternal peace .

Have been poking every corner of my mind.

The problem is first I will have to figure out the puzzle to find any missing piece .


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Life is Beautiful

I  love these two sets of snaps . They were taken 5 or 6 years apart at the same place. Cherai Beach . There are lot of differences .The least being my photography skills . Yet , they are both the same .

That is Pearl , three years old , making sand castle , her father protecting her castle from the front .

desk top march 2010 1987

desk top march 2010 1988

desk top march 2010 1992

desk top march 2010 1995

desk top march 2010 2000

This is Pearl again , eight years old , trying to fly her kite . It wouldn’t lift off whatever they do . It reminded me of the cartoon in which Tom tries to fly and left me smiling thinking they will both give up soon .





In the end they did find a way out . Nothing is a problem when you have a doting father .


The Dyscalculia Day


So , today also happens to be the ‘Dyscalculia Day ‘ . Well , if ‘dyscalculics’ remember what day it is .

I came to know about dyscalculia from Tiff of Free play life . It was an instant recognition . The feeling of belonging. Of finding a place/group where you truly belong . At last .

Ever since then , along with all the online reading and researches I have done about it I have also tried to spread the word . But the ultimate truth is people do not care . Of course they have more pressing problems.

Whether the human race cares about dyscalculia or not knowing about this condition has helped me in more ways than I can fathom. It pushed me to plan and organise meticulously . Earlier I did not care much about sorting out papers or keeping them in order . Because I always thought it is the same for every other person. I thought misplacing them or forgetting them regularly was just continuous accidents that can happen to any one .

But now I take it as a task . I keep separate folders and files . Colour coded. With a little effort my papers and slips and cards and bills go into the correct folders. Even when I get disorganised I do not feel helpless as I used to. I just take the time to put them in order.

I keep email back ups. Scan and back up required documents . Set enough alarms and reminders. Has a digital clock in my living room .

I shop only in supermarkets where I do not have to worry about change and weight and calculations. With small changes I have stopped calculating as I will confuse the person further. But , there are people who try to trick you smartly when they see the blank look on your face . So if I feel  something is fishy I take the time and patience to check it through . Serves them right 😛 With major transactions I do some home work and get every thing correct and ready .

And most of all , I do not take up work from others which I am sure I will mess up. Even when it happens I just pat on my shoulder and move on. In short life is much more easier when you know you are dyscalculic than when you doesn’t have a clue what is going on and why you are forgetting and making a fool of yourself.

With the knowledge about this problem I was able to overcome my phobia towards cash and banks. Now I do not panic when I have to deal with numbers . Calculator is my constant companion . I may stumble in between but I know I will find my way out . I was able to draw up a routine which is efficient and flexible enough to give me space . And now I do not make a fuss about my problems . Instead I figure out ways to deal with it . Each and every one of them. It took 3-4 years , but now I can say ‘Yes , It is oK . I can deal with this ‘.

Whenever I speak to someone about the difficulties I have as a dyscalculic they tell me, ” It is just because you are not concentrating enough . It is the same for every one . You should pay more attention .” (That is the most frustrating part .) But I think for a dyscalculic it not about paying attention or concentrating more . It is about ‘not panicking’ and ‘finding ways’ with which he/she can cope better .

And that is why awareness is important . Common man may be amused to know about this condition . But to a dyscalculic it is an answer to all the problems they have been facing ever since they can remember . It is the answer to that nagging question ‘ why I am different ‘ .

If you are interested you can find more about dyscalculia here : Check for symptoms of Dyscalculia here.

Spread the word . It will help a dyscalculic person to get a grip on his/ her life. And feel happy about himself/herself.


The Blogging Bug

I sort of stepped out of blogging when I felt I could no more take the pressure of preforming for an audience . You know , I was not sure if I am in the correct path in parenting . And I was not sure if I will rise up to the standards expected from a veteran blogger .

I have been thinking about it for a while . I think I am ready to take the next leap. I thought a lot about a new blog . Like a next season for Krishnaleela. But couldn’t find anything better than this . Even now I feel I belong here. And as I have endorsed many times before it just feels great to be acknowledged as a blogger .

Many things changed over the year . We shifted to an apartment .

The last year was more or less about settling in . Which also means now I have to go to office instead of working lazily and blogging away from my office cum residence . It also means now I have no view of any plants or birds or butterflies hovering in my garden . Other than that life in a flat is ok.

I also disowned many things including my pet dog , aquarium  and my favourite pots of plants. So, for now other than the kids and the husband and a mobile which needs to be charged now and then I do not have anything that needs to be taken care of regularly . From being the hoarder I have been now I have changed into a purger who do not keep anything she do not need. Definitely nothing that needs my time and care . I learned to say ‘ No’ to anything  I do not want to do or keep. Though people frown upon me ( being the nut case I am ) this has opened up a whole lot of venues where I can actually do things I want and have left me with a feeling of lightheartedness. Nothing -to- fret over- whatsoever-like- feeling .

Kids now engage themselves . Pearl is always busy scribbling and playing with her dolls . It amazes me how easily she makes bubble solution . Even though it makes the floor a bit messy and the hand- wash vanishes in no time I am tempted to ask her the secret formula . I could never do it as a child or adult .

Ruby now study by himself with my guidance . Anyway we are about to put it in test with the exams just round the corner .

Now he pores over Percy Jackson series and Wimpy kid . Pearl is catching up fast with Germione Stilton and Amar chitra Katha. Pearl has become a huge fan of Doremon and Ruby’s new craze is ‘Slug Terra ‘ .

And a long vacation to look forward to.


Its my 3rd Birthday !

Today ‘Krishnaleela’ is 3 years old. I started blogging 3 years before when Pearl started going to school.

Kids have grown up and my blog has been left alone for a while. When I started blogging I did not have any idea what a blog means . I did not know where it will take me either . But to my great surprise I got a handful of great friends . And it was one of the best educational program I have ever had . Interacting with people all around the world feels great. Then ‘facebook ‘ happened.

I love this quote  : “Winning is not always about being first ‘.

I believe we compete with ourselves . If I have improved when compared to my previous scores regarding anything , then I have succeeded. In that way, this blog has been a great success. I cannot compare the changes it has brought with any other experience in my life .

I can only  “Thank you’ for all the support and encouragement you all have given me. Thank you for all the acknowledgments, comments and appreciations . ( I would like to say criticism too, but I have hardly received any 😛 ) . Your sweet words and comments are written in gold in my heart and will be there forever.

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