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Lord of the rings – Return of the King .

My 12th book in the 20 books challenge – Lord of the rings ( Return of the King ).

With this I finished the Lord of the Ring series and feel so relieved that at last the ring has been cast away . May be I would read it once more so that I can enjoy in detail the beauty of the path they followed . Till now I was also in a hurry to march with Sam and Frodo to the Land of Mordor ,  to get rid of the ring somehow .

What I liked most in the book is the Tree Ents . Their potion would be so refreshing and cool . I wonder ! I wish I could also sit and relax in the midst of a beautiful , calm , green forest and take a sip !

There are so many valiant heroes .  Aragorn and Faramir are my favourites . And Eowyn !!

Legolas , Lady Galadriel , Gimli … Ah!!

Reading at Krishnaleela

As a mother to a dyslexic child one of the most frequent problem I faced was my son’s difficulty in reading .

But somewhere in between he developed a passion for reading . It would be easier to say his quest for knowledge eventually took better off his difficulty to read . One fine day we realised that he has become a voracious reader  . Now when I look back I cannot point out exactly when the transition occured .  But I can tell you it happened after I stopped dragging him to read something and after I stopped correcting and checking on him .

Since then we find every silly reason to buy books . We buy books for our weekend shopping , holidays , birthdays , trips.. in short  for almost anything . In addition to this, we officially add on books to our library once or twice a month .

I have a network of old book shops in the town from where kids select their books. And some other trendy book shops like Paico , H&C , Reliance , DC books . The categories include their current interests . It could be a movie , cartoon , science , fiction , stories I tell them , their class topics , skits or anything .

A couple of  years back, before I knew anything about dyslexia once Ruby had to sing a prayer for a function . So that he would not forget the verses I wrote it down for him . Actually he knew the poem by heart . But was not able to read it out and made a mess . When I think about it now , my heart goes out for him .

From there we have come a long way . As hyperactive energietic kids it was very difficult to manage them when we go out . When I go for shopping or for some thing important they carry their favourite books along with them .

My heart swelled with pride when I saw him reading the Flag salutation at a ceremony without any mistake . It was his first attempt at reading in Public. And that it was to salute the national flag just doubled my joy . When they asked him to read it I didn’t want to put him in pressure once more . But he took it as a challenge and proved himself . I am so proud of him.

Now wherever we go every body asks me about Ruby’s reading habit . Because  it is impossible to spot him without a book in his hand  . Earlier I used to stop and explain to them in detail about the difficulty he has and how we are trying to overcome it or how he has improved . I needed assurance that he is doing well or that he would improve . But now I accept it with a smile . I learned from my experience that the most important thing to do is to believe in your child . Give them the freedom to do what they like to do . Follow them instead of making them follow you . Then they will excel.

He claims himself as a silent reader . Even now it is difficult for him to read names and unseen words  . If you ask him to read aloud you will hear a lot of jargon . But then , he understands the content superbly and that is what matters .

Yes, I know …..miles to go ….

The Love story .

The last month I didn’t have access to net and my world revolved around books . I was reading like I had gone mad .

In a book reading community I had seen a forum ” the most touching death of characters ” ! There so many people have posted ” Love story by Erich Sehgal

( In my case the death that really caught me is that of ‘ Bonny in Gone with the wind ‘ . Some times I wonder why Margarett Mitchell ever created that character . )

Coming back to the twenty books challenge , I searched for this book  when I went to the library. It was there all worn out and with only a handful of pages . I will finish it in a jiffy . That was the first thing that came to my mind .  I wondered how such a small book can influence these many people . How catching the story would be .

I saw that the book was written in 1975 . hmm… so much time has lapsed . Would it stand the sands of time ?

Usually I dont like to start reading with a prejudiced mind . But in this case I already know the main character will die . So I didn’t have much hope .

But to my surprise the first sentence of the novel said ‘ what would you say about a girl who died at the age of 23’ . So now on even ground I braced up for the story .

As I expected I finished it in a jiffy . And I was left with a feeling of Dejavu ! I couldn’t exactly figure out the reason.

It took about half an hour for it to dawn on me . An old time hit movie , A trend setter , A heart breaking love story of yester years was inspired from this story .

The songs are all superhit and the caste was superb . Yes , ‘ Madanolsavam‘ ( ‘ The festival of love ‘ ) with Kamal Hasan and Zareena Wahab in the leading roles .

This movie is more special , bcoz it was the first movie for which my parents went together and whenever any song of this movie comes on TV my mother get all emotional and says how my father was moved by the plight  of the heroine and walked out of the theatre without waiting for the movie to end . haha ! So much to go with a movie . I love movies because more or less they denote the time periods in our life .

Nice book.  have a read !

Unaccustomed earth

My 5th book in the 20 books challenge . I have finished Unaccustomed earth and is almost inside the book even now.  I had read ‘Namesake’ and liked it very much.

So some how I thought this also was a novel . Only after 2 or 3 chapters I noticed that they are not interconnected and are short stories.

Reading every short story I wanted to know more about each character . I wanted to know what happened to their lives . ( review of the book by New york Times )

Jumpa Lehri has her own way of weaving images . I was very much taken up by the last part that I don’t know how many days it will take for me to be out of it and I don’t know how many times lonely beach and a handsome drowning boy will haunt me in my dreams !

The image has taken up my mind so much I cannot think of the other stories. But I got involved in every one of them and it took me days to cut myself off . I get very much carried away by characters and their thoughts.

The 20 books challenge !!

Today I saw this challenge on Pal’s blog. I found it very interesting and is going for it right now. To complete 20 books in a year ! The challenge was for 2009 , But I am simply making it 2010.

From April to April . Following The Indian Calender .

Here it goes :-


1. The Hobbit- Tolkeyn

2. The traveller- John Twelve Hawks

3. Are you afraid of the dark – Sidney Sheldon’s last novel

4. Nora Roberts – Daring to dream ( first of the dream series )

Now reading Jumpa Lahiri….. and have got one of Tolkeyns as well. Yumyum…….. !!!!!!

Reading is something I enjoy beyond myself. An obsessive reader . Before I get my hands on a book I make sure that I have enough time to finish it. Otherwise everything will be a mess. If I have started seriously with a book then nothing else matters much!I would love to be left alone for one reason or other.

Like every child I started with child magazines , Balarama , Poombatta. I have said this earlier . My mother used to send us to our neighbor’s house on Saturdays or we had to go there to sleep over while the old lady’s son went for night shift. There they had a huge collection of old story books. Balarama , poombatta, amarchithrakatha , Balamangalam…. every thing .

….And that was a treasure . ( Even now I tell my kids stories I have read then.) That old lady was more strict than any librarian. We were allowed to read the books sitting in the dark store room where they were kept. With so much pleading we could take one book at a time to our house. One day she told us she just sold them to scrap . One of the loses I have not yet gotten over. If I had the money then I would have bought it all .

From there me and my sister moved on to reading The Great Indian Epics . Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Aithihyamala, Sree Krishna Katha , Sree Mahabhagavatham …. It was a competition for us. Who will finish the book first. And then second round… Gone are the days !!!!

Then to Reader’s digest from my Aunt’s house. She taught me how important it is to keep a book neat and mended and how important it is to give a book back to its owner however unimportant it may seem to you.

From there starts my love for books. A book with torn pages or back cover is like a sin to me. I am happy that my kids do not tolerate even a folded page or graffiti in their books. And always keep them neatly covered and mended.

I like classics and thrillers the most. Books that explain life styles, history, geographical details etc. ……….Other than that any interesting book will do.

While reading books I get so much carried away,that I feel the characters are real. Most of them I see in my dreams.

One of the books I have read and reread so many times is “ Crime and Punishment ” . I have seen ‘Raskolnikov’ in my dreams almost every day that sometimes I forget I haven’t met him in person. In my dreams he had the most beautiful hair and eyes.

In college it was ‘Mills n Boons‘ season . Even the name brings to my mind the back ground of Anatomy classes and the packed hall with students in front row eager to take down lecture notes. But soon realised it is not of my kind. ( I am romantic by myself. Thank you very much ! 😉 )

Then to Daniel Steele . I feel sorry for our Professor who had taken great effort to prepare notes and all for abdominal surgery classes . All through it I was with ‘ The  Star ‘ . ( oh! It reminds me so much of my best friend and the beautiful moments we had together . ) There is nothing like reading and dreaming in an afternoon class 😎 . Some times I want to go to college again so I can just sit there and dream during lectures. ( Hey, I had the most updated lecture notes! It seems I can multitask ! )  ) ‘The ring‘ and ‘Message from Nam‘ are also my favourites of Danielle Steel.

Then one day I stumbled on ‘Gone with the wind’ by Margret Michelle , which changed my view of life . From every book I read I absorb at least one line into my life. This book taught me to fight for my life. To change all the negatives to positives . And ofcourse , the famous line  ‘I will think about it Tomorrow ‘. It is one of my habit to follow all the books of the author if I like their first read . Because of this my list of authors is very short.  I really feel sorry that Margret Michelle has written only one book .

One of my other favourite is Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy.

God father by Maria Puzo

Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook , Jane Austene, Paulo Coelho, Charles Dickens , Dan Brown, of course Harry Potter Series …… Chetan Bhagat….

Something I enjoy very much is eating and reading. Sometimes while eating I crave for books , like it is some other dish. If I can’t find a book, I end up reading cartons, ingredients, my shopping list or anything with alphabets on it.

So coming back to the challenge ,  its my fifth book now.

5. Reading Unaccustomed earth – Jumpa Lahiri .

Dyslexia and reading

I want to share with you that reading is not  easy for  a dyslexic kid. The word ‘ dyslexia ‘  itself means difficulty in reading and writing. You will wonder what is wrong with your child. It is not at all something you can compare with a normal child.

Ruby had difficulty in writing from the board and complained of letters disappearing and blinking on the black board. His copied notes were full of spelling mistakes and he would strain his eyes while reading as if he can’t see. I took him to the ophthalmologist almost three times. And the results were the same.  6/6 vision. No problem with the eyes.

Even now it is difficult for him to read . When he was in first and second  levels , I thought he would never be able to read by himself.

He cannot connect the phonics and spellings as we do ( almost automatically ), unless he is familiar with that word. No matter however he wants to. No matter how much he knows. Our only option is to improve his vocabulary and make him familiar with the words . And that means almost every word in English literature.

But thankfully now he has taken up reading as his hobby. It took a lot of  effort from our side. It was a slow process. Now almost always you can see him with a book in his hand. He has finished with the first book of Harry Potter all by himself. And he literally sleeps with books. Every time we see him poring over a book our heart swell with pride.

My eyes  fill up with tears when I hear him reading aloud. It will be full of jargon . And I look away so that he doesn’t see me. Now with great difficulty,  we have learned to overlook it , as reading is something he really enjoys and is proud of.

A stranger who listens to him reading and who doesn’t know him close may think he is a dumb child. And I have to alert them before they make some off hand comments.

I have to give him confidence and support . It is a tricky game to keep the balance .

The world of grass hoppers.

I don’t know exactly how many grass hoppers Ruby has brought home till date . Any time he could be found with a bottle for grass hoppers, with even grass for them to eat.

Whenever he goes out he finds out grass hoppers from no where. When we go to the park he suddenly points out the group of grass hoppers and the endless activities that goes on in the ground which we may otherwise not notice. After he gets dressed for school he goes hunting for grass hoppers.

This grass hopper, he claims to have saved from drowning. And sadly enough he could not find its family . They had even put some name  for it which I don’t remember . But I realised it is a bit difficult to take this guy’s snap. Anyways he seemed to listen to Ruby.

Now he pores himself into the book of bugs we got from the Book Fest. He even sleeps with that book.

Right now he is reading the book to his grand mother and she is listening obligingly. 😀

Yesterday he enacted to me how a butterfly sucks nectar from a flower. How the wings move , how it maintains balance and so many other details which obviously he had observed himself.  ( I wonder how they diagnosed him with ADDH )

I seriously think he may take up Entomology for his higher studies. ughh !!! Of all !!!

I don’t know if it is a trait of LD kids, they have a love for the down trodden. In the aquarium his favourite is the sucker , which no body else will notice otherwise.

Anyway now the skin specialist has warned him that grass hoppers may bite  sometimes and he has to be careful.