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Shape Hunting

This was inspired from  Child play’s Shape Safari.

I had a doubt if my kids were up to it. Siva had fallen down from his bicycle and bruised his elbows a bit nasty. Nothing I said would stop his cry.

As photography is one of his favourites , I thought why don’t give it a try. He was crying in full swing and in between the sobs I asked him if he would mind to  come to the terrace and take some pictures of shapes for me.

Suddenly his face brightened.

” What pictures ? ”

” Of shapes. I don’t know.. You will  have to find them on your own. ”

” just like in Mad ( Their favourite show on TV)  ?

” Can I also join ? ” Swetha came forward.

And what happened to the bruise and pain ?


Vanished for smiles and adventure. We did some cloud watching .  Siva captured the  sunset also. 🙂

Swetha’s favourite evening time pass. Watching the birds that are flying back home and that rest on the electric line. It is so high up. If I had another camera I would have taken her picture also taking the snap. She is lying on the floor to get a good view. 😀

Niranjan Our little Prince !

Loopholes !

Hey Guys, There are so many loopholes in the story of Rapunzel. For instance ,

1. how did the witch put Rapunzel in the tower ?

2. If there was stairs or if she fly on a broomstick why she cant use cant use that instead of climbing the hair ?

3. After cutting Rapunzel’s hair  how did she get down to leave Rapunzel in the forest and how she climbed up afterwards to wait for the prince ?

And I am stuck ! Really stuck ! Does anybody know where Brother Grimm lives ? We could ask him!

Barbies and teddy.

I don’t know why Swetha wants a new barbie every year for her birthday.

Any other present has to be supplemented by a barbie as well. I am getting tired of this.

And what she want them for ?

To hug and play ? As her soul mate ?

NO ! Just to mutilate them in every way possible. Good thing that I found out their dresses from under the heap of toys. Maybe  she doesn’t want the barbie to outsmart her in beauty. 😀

There is no partiality here.

All the barbies have got the same treatment .

Not even one has escaped.

This year it is Sally and it is only a matter of time for her turn to come.

And her teddy?

He sleeps peacefully in his dig while she is gone to school!

Book Marks For Swetha

It was Siva’s Book Mark making day. And  some how I managed  to send him some smart paper cuts which obviously none of his friends had !

I had promised Swetha a few weeks before  that I will make some book marks for her as she doesn’t want to keep reading folds on her books ! It is no wonder that she didn’t forget it . She had only been back from school and wanted to make them right away.

Thankfully Siva came forward to help me . He was so excited about the whole thing as teacher told him his book marks were very nice.

I just had to give them some cut out papers.

And some stickers ….

And freedom !

Beautiful book marks were ready in no time .

My Only contribution  was a reference . A gift from an old friend  , Long cherished !


( It was  11.00 pm when I had reached the book shop for the chart paper and the shop keeper had almost closed   . Thank God he is not one of types who shows long faces . And I was relieved when the next time I went there he asked me in detail about this book mark making thing bcoz with book week celebrations going on in full swing he  is getting  so many queries !! )

In Harmony.

A few months before I would not have thought of my kids doing something other than watching TV , completely on their own and in  harmony.

But now I don’t compel them to do any thing. They can decide on their own what they want to do for the evening. I have even stopped giving the time schedules for TV. And what did I get ? They find out their  interests. They come and tell me what they want to do and what help they want from me .They keep track of their projects and their library. They have complete access to the crafts and they do not misuse them.

I was in the Kitchen for some time and when I came to the living room ,  saw both of them so engrossed in their work.


The wonderful eyes of a 5 year old.

We were coming back from one of our usual evening strolls. It was getting dark and the stars had started to shine. I pointed at a bright star towards the south eastern part of the sky and wondered what it was.

It was very bright and I said aloud it could be the Alpha centaury because it is so bright. I had learned some where Alpha centaury doesn’t blink as it is most near to us.. Again I wondered if it is the polar star ? But the Polar star is visible only in the morning. ( north or south ? I am not sure. )

So I had no idea what this star was but I kept on babbling just to continue the talk with Ruby. I thought I will check some where later and explain it to him.

Ruby , of course had no doubts. He was sure it was a planet . Because it was not blinking. Oh ! yes, planets are also there. Then it came to me it could be Venus. The brightest planet . Ruby’s suggestion of it being Mars was cut out as there was no red hue.

Jupiter? Saturn ? Can you see the rings ?

We were so caught up in our conversation we forgot about Pearl who was trying hard to keep up with us . Of course she also had her own findings . She thought both of us were  dumb fools. Cannot see through the most simple thing.

She interrupted us to say the most beautiful words .” Mother , it is just a fire fly high up there !”

And she was so sure about it. I envy her for the wonder a 5 year old’s eyes have . Oh God , Please let me see this world with those eyes! So innocent and so naive !

I think what we saw then was Venus . Points to Ruby 😦  .

Venus is visible in the South eastern part of evening sky and South western part of morning sky. Polar star is visible here only in the early morning and only in the North. It doesn’t change its position ( Dhruva Nakshatram ). And Alpha centaury is a cluster of stars.