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Spiderman Duo

The Butterfly flap Book

Pearl wanted to make a huge butterfly and write a story on its wings . After so many discussions we decided to make a flap book . And after trial and errors and patch up works to cover the mistakes done we ended up doing something like this .

Pearl is now seriously into reading. I had done enough and more spelling and reading lessons with Ruby eons ago that even now I cringe when I see a spelling book or think of giving a reading lesson. So I haven’t done anything with Pearl unless asked for . But she is exploring herself and with great enthusiasm .

Recently we are into this reading game where one has to stop and give up the turn to the next person when they make a mistake . Pearl is all set that she wouldn’t allow any body in the house to read . If she can’t read a word she keeps on repeating it until her turn comes. Ruby sits aside and keep looking on us as though we are mad people . As much as he likes to read nobody can drag him into a reading game 😀

Minnie and Daisy

These two cuties are Pearl’s pets . Minnie and Daisy as she calls them ( after girl friends of Mickey and Donald) .

She brought it from her Aunt’s house when they were just few weeks old .

Once she even took it her school in a carton to show it to her teacher and friends . And guess what , Most of the kids hadn’t seen a rabbit in their whole life !!!

The snaps were taken by Ruby .

As for the ‘Thursday challenge’ , I was under the impression this week’s theme was rain and clouds . So logged in to post a snap of summer rain from my archive . But ah ! I was so wrong . Any way it has happened so may times before . So if you really want to see any ‘brown’ please look at the earth beside the rabbits 😛

The big difference b/n praise and confidence

For three -four years now I have been constantly praising Ruby for whatever he does . And to make it equal Pearl also recieved a good share of it . It helped to boost their confidence . Made them happy kids . . But everything has a downside.

Recently , I started to observe that both of them look up to me for my praises and approval even for silly things . When asked a question Ruby especially would try to answer it in a way that would please me .

All his written work will have some thing starting ‘ my mom says ‘ . Of course the indulgent Mom is happy about it . But the rational me is not . I want them to grow up as adults who believe in themselves and not in their parent’s judgments .I don’t want them to wag their tail every time they get a praise or a pat . I want them to be able to judge themselves in spite of others praises or criticisms .

I have been thinking about this for quite some time but didn’t know how to tackle it with out letting my kids feel that I don’t care for them any more . Then I came upon this article by Raising happy kids .

Now when they look at me with expectation I ask them what THEY think about it . Or how do they feel . At first it was a difficult for them to answer . ( I realized when they finish a task they are looking forward only for my approval and they are not thinking for themselves . If I say it is good or even smile they are contend !!)

But now they have started to think . And slowly they would learn to listen to themselves . More important to follow their dreams and not their parents’ . I think that is the best lesson I can give them for their future.

Ice cream

Yesterday Pearl wanted to buy me an ice cream and was
leading me from one spot to another saying the ice cream shop is just round the
corner . Once we reached there and bought all her favourites she wanted me to
run back home all the way so that the ice creams wouldn’t melt . I have just
one doubt . Whose b’day were we celebrating ? Mine or her ????

Sleeping Mobile

Pearl wants to know why I am charging my mobile in the night and not letting it get enough rest and sleep !

Why Phonics ?

Pearl is convinced that we are all reading English incorrectly.She cannot understand why we are saying ‘fone ‘ for ‘pone’ and ‘filips’ for ‘pilips’.She even says her phonics book should be read as ‘ ponic book ‘ and not otherwise . She is happy that she has finally discovered it and saved the mankind from wrong pronunciation.

So today we are reading a lot of ‘ph’ words and stories and Ruby is playing ‘Garfield’s spelling and vocabulary’ CD with her.

Ever since I learned Ruby has this problem I have been raking my brain to remember how I learned reading . I have a few images of my parents and Aunts reading to me from books . Then it is me reading alone . I don’t even remember reading to my sis or bro.

From what I understood while talking to my friend who is teaching KG, only the individual sounds and initial word families are introduced in detail to the kids . From there most of the kids or all most all of them take it themselves naturally. The spelling differences and exceptions and all will be learned unknowingly in due course. Parents can facilitate this by reading to the child and encouraging them to read themselves .

But this does not happen for a dyslexic child . He always depends on the sounds for the spelling . So we have to make them familiar with all word families and exceptions . There are so many rules for the exceptions as well.

In short , teaching phonics will help a normal and gifted child to learn to read more easily and quickly while it will help a dyslexic child to overcome his difficulty at an earlier age .

Now that Pearl is also hitting the reading age I have been thinking whether I should teach her phonics or not . Reading and writing is something she is very interested in . But none of us learned phonics to start reading .Then my friend Urmi also came up with the same question. Here in this post I am just thinking out loud . If any of you can throw some more light on the topic you are welcome.