My heart belongs to Krishna. I have been a devotee of Lord Krishna right from my childhood.Appa used to tell a story of Krishna who gave company to a small boy when he had to cross a forest alone.Then I also thought of Krishna as my close friend who will always give me company when I am alone.

As I grew up my image of Krishna also slowly changed . My sister says there will be an element of Krishna in everything I paint. Going to Guruvayoor is like going to see someone who is close to my heart, to see some one to whom I don’t have to tell anything. He knows everything! Even though I had been to Guruvayoor so many times on different occasions I was not able to go inside to see the deity till recently.So I always talked to the varying images in my mind.

Thrikkal randum pinacha thirumukha kamalam
dakshine chaaychu vechum
thakkathil peeli choodi karimukhil vadivum
poondu nilkkum mukundan

Now it is ‘Unnikrishnan’ with all his childhood naughtiness, for I see him everyday in my kids.

unni… vava……..
kulichu kurikalumittunnanam nee kumara…
innallo nin pirannaal
cheli podikalaninjenthivannam nadappoo…….
enneevannam yasodha vachanamathu
kettu melle chirichoru unnikannante bhavam
punarorunaal kaanan bhagyamundo ..

Every girl who has grown up hearing the stories of Krishna loves him as a friend,brother , lover and son. I admire him even more as a shrewd diplomat and magnificent social reformer. As a teenage girl I was deeply in love with him . There was a time when I thought I would dissolve in him just like Meera. Then I realised my love for Krishna and the Universe are one and the same . So I directed it towards Mother Nature and the people around me .

This blog has been named after Lord Krishna .

To rejoice his childhood when he wandered among the forests of Govardana and Vrindavan as a cow herd boy completely in tune with nature .I think the most important lesson you have to learn and discover as a child is to love Mother Nature . It contains everything from Science to Maths , Phenomenons , Values , Compassion , Kindness every thing . If you can make your child listen to Nature’s ways and sounds then you have succeeded in your first step as a parent.

It is also to show my respect for Sri Krishna who stood for justice and always gave importance to the feelings of women let it be a mother , sister , lover or daughter . He showed us future of the young generation is in the hands of Mothers .

It is also to mark my love towards Krishna whom Radha is waiting in Vrindavan for eternity . ” Krishnaleela ” !

9 responses to “Krishna

  1. I so identify with what you say here. Although I am not overly religious, somehow, Krishna has a special place in my heart. And daughter loves, loves hearing Unnikrishnan’s stories too 🙂

  2. I was looking for a picture of Krishna and was led to your site. I read your blog and felt a warm fire of recognition. I am Dharma-son of Sadguru Sant Keshavadas. He named me Kitabu Kaivalya Shyam. Thank you. When you go to my website you will understand why I say thank you.


  3. I too love Balakrishna and my love for him increases day by day

  4. Bhagyareema , Welcome to my blog 🙂

  5. Came to your site, when I was searching for a picture of Krishna. Have just read the 1st article & felt so connected…..
    For me Krishna is the essence of life! Don’t know how many cycles of life I’ll have to go through to see HIM. Till then I’ll make do with seeing HIS pictures & listening to HIS Leelas!

  6. hare krishna,

    my name is raghu ram. i saw this site first time.

    raghu ram

  7. Hare Krishna,
    I can identify with how you feel about Krishna. Krishna personifies love and loving all beings by seeing Krishna in them is what he helps us achieve. Great to read your writing. Keep it up.

  8. Vinod Unnikrishnan

    I am a Krishna devotee. Just a help. Do you have the full version of the poem ‘thrikkal randum pinachu’?
    Or can you guide me where I can find it pls.

  9. Thrikkal randum pinacha thirumukha kamalam
    dakshine chaaychu vechum
    thakkathil peeli choodi karimukhil vadivum
    poondu nilkkum mukundan
    nalkarunyena nithyam
    mama hridhi kaliyadiduvan kaithozhunnen

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