The Zahir- Someone or something which,once we have in contact with them or it,gradually occupies our every thought,until we can think of nothing else – Paulo Coelho

I am happily married and mother of two sweet kids, Ruby , My son (10 yrs ) and Pearl ( My daughter (7 yrs ) . A physiotherapist by education , a home maker by passion and a full time assistant to my beloved’s ventures by aspiration.

My best day begins with a cup of tea that I can savour watching the flowers and chirping birds. It ends with, cuddling up in my bed as the sweet smell of jasmines, by the window fills the room.

I love to walk barefooted on grass covered with morning dew and to watch the small fishes swimming in a pond, I love to watch the endless waves on a beach and to gaze at the stars in the night..

I am a very sensitive person. Sensitive to almost everything that happens around me. I can recognize even the slightest twitch of muscle on people’s faces. Sometimes I wonder if it is a boon or a bane.

There is only one thing I have ever been  sure of myself, I have a good heart. I love to spend my time with my family and friends. At times  I like to be alone and on my own. To read a book , to watch a movie or tend to my garden.

Ruby was diagnosed as an exceptional child ( gifted and with LD ) when he was in 2nd grade .I started surfing the net to know more about Dyslexia and to find out what I can do to help him or to make him happy. Slowly , with out even knowing about it,  I started noting them down and linking the blogs and important sites  we visit. To make the posts ever lasting we started to take photos and videos . It was all so gradual and natural that even we didn’t realise our life changing.

My daughter ,  is the exact opposite of her brother  . Yet they share a deep bond between them which I can only feel but cannot explain. She helps her dyslexic brother and dyscalculic mother in every way she can.

And here is our humble journey through LD and giftedness and parenting and every day life.

This blog is for my kids to show them after many years how I enjoyed bringing them up. They make my world.  They teach me more about life than I have learned all these years.

This blog is for their father to show him later what we  do .With out his support I would not have been able to do any of these.This blog is for myself to see how my thoughts shift and travel every day and how life moves on. To keep a track of the works we have done. ( I am soooo forgetful !)

I miss my sister and brother so much. They are both far away . This blog is for them. To keep in touch and to remember how we enjoyed growing up together. This blog is for each and everyone of you out there who think the same way as me. In my blog you will find little technical expertise or knowledge but  only the language of heart.

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection” – Bhagavad Gita

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  1. A very nice blog. Keep it going. We need to be more aware.

    • Thanks For stopping by Shail ! Even now ( after the huge success of tzp ) there are people who haven’t even heard about dyslexia. Who think your child is dumb if he struggles with reading or doesn’t come first in school .

      I keep on telling every person I come across. And I can assure you most of them think i am a nut ! But may be I can also save a child !

  2. Sophia Oberoi


    We are a parenting magazine in India and would love to do an article about dyslexia. It would be great if you could contact me at sopiha@parenthood-india.com

    Many thanks

  3. Great blog. Love to read about your kids, their achievements, and your unschooling ideas.

  4. Thanks Priya ! It feels great to hear it from you !

  5. What brought me to you, was Krishna. I am an ardent lover of Krishna and perhaps it is the sole reason I feel like I have known you forever.
    I loved reading what you have written and thank you for sharing your wonderful life with me.
    I look forward to keep in touch.

    Om Shri Krishnaya Namaha!

  6. Hi Deepika ,
    sorry for the late reply . Yes , Krishna is one of my obsession .

    Thanks for the nice words . Keep in touch . Do you have a blog ? I’d love to visit it .

  7. Hi, I teach dyslexic children 3 languages. Many articles and blogs say that dyslexia is a language learning disability. They say that dyslexics have a phonological awareness deficit. This is a fallacy. If my dyslexic students can read fluently in 2 languages and find it difficult to read in English than the problem is not one of phonological awareness deficit.
    Please visit my blog and read the articles from the first article onwards to have a New Perspective – A different perspective – on dyslexia.
    Feel free to write to me if you have any questions.
    Kind regards,
    Luqman Michel

  8. Thank you Luqman Michel for your comment .

    I am sure your experience would be a great help to the parents and kids .

    Right now I am struggling with my son’s spelling lessons to the point that I have given up teaching him spelling so that he could enjoy his childhood for a while with out worrying how to spell everything .

    I could really use your help 😀

  9. Hi Krishna Leela,
    Please do read my blog from the first article. I have many suggestions on how to teach a dyslexic without taking up his studying time. Do not unduly worry about spelling. Do read to him and with him. When you read to him you can read any book as long as the vocabulary is within his listening ability. Any word you feel, he may not understand, may be explained while you read. However, when you read with him make sure the book you read is up to his grade level with not too many unfamiliar words for him to read after you.
    I have written all these in detail in my blog.
    Please feel free to write to my e-mail address. Don’t worry I don’t use e-mail addresses for any other purpose than to communicate with my readers.
    You are an awesome mother. Take it easy and take care of your health as well.
    Luqman Michel

  10. This a really great blog. I admire the way in which you are trying to spread awareness. Keep going!

    • Thanks Dreamer and Welcome to my blog 🙂
      It is important that people should be aware . Before I saw TZP years ago I was convinced that my son is a mediocre student and lazy . It took a long way to realise that he has above average intelligence and his difficulties and problems are different from our problems regarding to him.

      When he was diagnosed with dyslexia I did not know a single person who knew about this other than the assessing professionals . If the average population knew about it then I would also have known. The awareness and approach in Kerala needs to be changed w.r.t all special conditions in kids.

  11. your about us page is so warm and inviting!

  12. Hi,
    You have got a great blog out here.
    We need all the infor about LD.
    Blogjunta .com is hosting the first of its kind Best of Indian Blogopshere 2010 polls. Do particiapte in it.
    To know more visit http://www.blogjunta.com

    P.S: Sorry we were not able to locate your mail ID hence dropping a note here.
    Drop us a mail at blogjunta(at)gmail(dot)com

    Yours Bloggingly,
    Team Blogjunta

  13. Aswathy Venugopal

    Well… am in love with u..
    Yeah! Believe me.. Have just fallen in love with the writer in u n beyond that the way u care ur kids, in a day after readin ‘krishnaleela.’
    Now am sitting at home waiting for my results.. I cannot find myself satisfied in the T.V serials or the movies that come up on the screen..  Infact am jobless at home now.. hav started readin a couple of books..  the high rate of inflation hav made my mom restrain me from doin cookin experiments :D.. But she lets me interfere me in her gardening.. 😉
    So I spend most of my day surfin.. ysday late nyt I caught up ur blog.. krishnaleela.. but by then it was too late for me to sit up to read it.. cos my father warned me its time for me to shut down n go to bed..
    I had no other choice left, but to listen to him… eventhen I managed to take a glance at the whole stuff.. n had to stop with that.. I bookmarked the page for next day n went to bed..
    Back in my bed… I lost my sleep.. The headin “Krishnaleela” n heart-touchin (more than eye catching obviously) captions for ur posts like ‘mango vacations..’ ‘walkin with my son ..’ ‘ruby n emerald..’ were ‘haunting’ me the whole night..
    I just wanted to read it.. hhmmm.. managed to force me to sleep n got up early today to catch up to it.. sitting infront of my lap after my morning chores, reading post by post I found myself falling in love with u..
    With the most caring mom n the hilarious writer.. shwetha n shiv r clos to my heart now.. after readin I couldn’t resist writin to u.. thot of messagin u at FB. But unfortunately its locked.. 
    Shwetha n shiva r lucky that their mom chose to b at home n spend the day with them.. readin post by post, I fell in love with u, shiva n shwetha.. by the end of the day, coverin each n every post, readin letter by letter n in between the lines, I just don’t hav words to appreciate u.. shiv n swetha hav bcom my bro n sis in a day.. spend a day in krishnaleela n feels I spend it with shiv n shwetha..
    N love the way u write down ur thoughts.. how beautiful ur words r.. so powerful.. can jus visulise wats goin around.. 
    Wishin u d best of best..
    With love Aswathy Venugopal..

  14. Aswathy Venugopal

    ho god.. dat was still too lengthy..!!
    but hav put down in nutshell, wat all came to my mind..
    checked for ur email id. cudnt find. so i cut down my views n accomodated it here itself..
    🙂 😀 😛

  15. Oh Thankyou so much for the wonderful comments, Namesake 😀
    So sweet of you 😀
    Where do you live ? And which results are you waiting ? My prayers for a very good result 😀
    Hehe 😀 Agree with your Mom about the vegetables 😀 Ruby and Pearl love to make sandwiches and Bhel puris on their own . Think of all the onions ;P
    Really enjoyed reading all your comments 😀 See you around 😀

  16. Aswathy Venugopal

    thank u for ur prayers..
    i am from calicut.. n let me tell u ma’m, i am an ex-pillais. waiting for CS inter result.. 2 more weeks to go.
    sir might be rememberin me. i was at kakkanad pillais. shifted to kaloor in dec. n i hav seen u a couple of times. once at our onam celebration at kakkanad. n quite a few times when i came to ur house (our coachin class 😉 )

    let me tell u my thoughts bout u ma’m. (well.. i always addressed u as aswathy ma’m as his student. now feelin an intimacy towards u. may i call u chechi??) we, at residential always missed pilla sir. v were aware of his busy schedule.. 🙂 i use to wonder wont his kids be missin their dad?? dn i thought the role of their mother in their lives.. n now am infact conviced bout ur importance in supportin ur family… both ur husband n ur sweet little kids.. 😛

    but now i write to u not as sir’s student. but as a big fan of ur blog..
    wishin rubby n pearl all wat they wish for..

  17. Aswathy Venugopal

    😀 😀 never thought there is a gifted writer in u wen i saw u:D
    u writings themselves r precious stones. 🙂 never giv up writin. keep goin.. keep smiling.. 😛

  18. Thank you 🙂 Your words really inspire me 🙂 You can call me whatever you feel like 🙂
    Our students come first in my prayers . May you pass out in flying colours .
    And thanks for your blessings for the kids and the warm wishes .
    Keep on reading 🙂

  19. Hi. Just to let u know I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep writing. My 10 yo girl is dyslexic too. But she’s still in school. She’s progressing, albeit very slowly. I am learning too. Am still thinking whether I should homeschool her or not. Kudos to u and your son 😉

  20. Hi Melly ,
    Welcome to my blog. My son is also in school. Some times it is difficult to make them fit within the frame . But some how we pull through . Its a new year here and we are reassessing our schedules and time table . He has progressed in certain areas but is lagging in some other . thank you 🙂 Keep in touch !

  21. A very nice blog you have… I am happy to find it 🙂
    Keep blogging!

  22. Dear Krishna,

    I am writing to you to request if you would be interested in helping us spread the word about one of our efforts to make a difference and bring social change.

    Beginning today, Hindustan Times is undertaking a campaign called ‘You Read, They Learn’ – a year-long initiative to promote quality primary level education for underprivileged children in Delhi and NCR. More details here – http://www.hindustantimes.com/specials/coverage/you-read-they-learn/index.aspx

    We will be honoured if you choose to share your views about the initiative on your blog.

    Hearing your opinions of the issue will certainly take the online discussion to a different level and help us in ensuring that more and more children go to school.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Warm Regards,

    Saudamini Bagai

  23. Hey cheechi! I’m so much glad to catch you here. You have got a splendid world to share the spark of well expressed thoughts I guess. Keep posting. Cheers.\m/ 🙂

  24. Hey Aswathy,

    This is Pallavi from StyleCraze.com. Stylecraze is India’s largest beauty network where we cover a wide range of topics from Makeup to Wellness written by Experts and well known Industry bloggers. We got tremendous response for the website in the past year and currently get over 6 Million monthly visits.

    Recently we have been getting numerous requests to cover topics related to Pregnancy and Parenting too and we wanted to set up a new website for the same. In this context, we were looking out for experienced parenting bloggers and your blog caught our eye. We would love to collaborate with you and work towards putting up content credited to you on our site.

    Apart from monetary incentives, this association will definitely boost your standing in the community too. Let me know if you are interested so that we can get you started right away.

    Thanx and Regards,
    Pallavi Sarkar

  25. Nice introduction. In very small paragraphs you have beautifully described your life.

  26. Beautiful words from a beautiful heart. That’s what I felt on reading your blog.

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