Starstruck !

Years before, while we were newly engaged and did not miss any chance to meet , we went on a boat trip to Kumarakom along with the Youth Group we were part of .
Then , Venuchettan of Ramakrishrasramam who was doing some ice breaking asked me about the happiest thing that has happened in my life . Seeing my starstruck face he said -‘well, something other than getting married to Sailendran’ .
Sitting on the boat deck with my fiancé on my side and the soft breeze on my face I could not think of anything else and left the question unanswered .
When I look back after all these years the love you feel for your fiancé is only this much compared to the love you have for your life partner and the father of your kids.
What makes me boundlessly happy in this moment is the simple fact that I am the same starstruck girl when I sit beside him. And that makes it all worth it ! For the 15th year !

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