Life is Beautiful

I  love these two sets of snaps . They were taken 5 or 6 years apart at the same place. Cherai Beach . There are lot of differences .The least being my photography skills . Yet , they are both the same .

That is Pearl , three years old , making sand castle , her father protecting her castle from the front .

desk top march 2010 1987

desk top march 2010 1988

desk top march 2010 1992

desk top march 2010 1995

desk top march 2010 2000

This is Pearl again , eight years old , trying to fly her kite . It wouldn’t lift off whatever they do . It reminded me of the cartoon in which Tom tries to fly and left me smiling thinking they will both give up soon .





In the end they did find a way out . Nothing is a problem when you have a doting father .


2 responses to “Life is Beautiful

  1. nicely written akka..miss cherai beach.. 😦 as a kid my parents used to take me there every once in a while…we all should go next time..

  2. Awww so sweet 🙂

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