The Blogging Bug

I sort of stepped out of blogging when I felt I could no more take the pressure of preforming for an audience . You know , I was not sure if I am in the correct path in parenting . And I was not sure if I will rise up to the standards expected from a veteran blogger .

I have been thinking about it for a while . I think I am ready to take the next leap. I thought a lot about a new blog . Like a next season for Krishnaleela. But couldn’t find anything better than this . Even now I feel I belong here. And as I have endorsed many times before it just feels great to be acknowledged as a blogger .

Many things changed over the year . We shifted to an apartment .

The last year was more or less about settling in . Which also means now I have to go to office instead of working lazily and blogging away from my office cum residence . It also means now I have no view of any plants or birds or butterflies hovering in my garden . Other than that life in a flat is ok.

I also disowned many things including my pet dog , aquarium  and my favourite pots of plants. So, for now other than the kids and the husband and a mobile which needs to be charged now and then I do not have anything that needs to be taken care of regularly . From being the hoarder I have been now I have changed into a purger who do not keep anything she do not need. Definitely nothing that needs my time and care . I learned to say ‘ No’ to anything  I do not want to do or keep. Though people frown upon me ( being the nut case I am ) this has opened up a whole lot of venues where I can actually do things I want and have left me with a feeling of lightheartedness. Nothing -to- fret over- whatsoever-like- feeling .

Kids now engage themselves . Pearl is always busy scribbling and playing with her dolls . It amazes me how easily she makes bubble solution . Even though it makes the floor a bit messy and the hand- wash vanishes in no time I am tempted to ask her the secret formula . I could never do it as a child or adult .

Ruby now study by himself with my guidance . Anyway we are about to put it in test with the exams just round the corner .

Now he pores over Percy Jackson series and Wimpy kid . Pearl is catching up fast with Germione Stilton and Amar chitra Katha. Pearl has become a huge fan of Doremon and Ruby’s new craze is ‘Slug Terra ‘ .

And a long vacation to look forward to.


4 responses to “The Blogging Bug

  1. So nice to hv u back 🙂

  2. Waiting to hear more often from u.. 🙂

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