Monthly Archives: June 2012

Its my 3rd Birthday !

Today ‘Krishnaleela’ is 3 years old. I started blogging 3 years before when Pearl started going to school.

Kids have grown up and my blog has been left alone for a while. When I started blogging I did not have any idea what a blog means . I did not know where it will take me either . But to my great surprise I got a handful of great friends . And it was one of the best educational program I have ever had . Interacting with people all around the world feels great. Then ‘facebook ‘ happened.

I love this quote  : “Winning is not always about being first ‘.

I believe we compete with ourselves . If I have improved when compared to my previous scores regarding anything , then I have succeeded. In that way, this blog has been a great success. I cannot compare the changes it has brought with any other experience in my life .

I can only  “Thank you’ for all the support and encouragement you all have given me. Thank you for all the acknowledgments, comments and appreciations . ( I would like to say criticism too, but I have hardly received any 😛 ) . Your sweet words and comments are written in gold in my heart and will be there forever.