Wagamon , You are Beautiful

Wagamon is a very beautiful place with rows of meadows and small hills arranged one after other in perfect shapes and sizes that we may think they have been painted into the nature .

As a child paintings on sceneries with small hills , meadows , flowing stream  and rising sun were my typical creations . What came to my mind first on seeing the meadows and hills of Wagamon were the book binds I used to collect as a student.  After all people did not make them out of the blue . Nature is beautiful beyond our wildest imaginations .

When my cousin hurried to Wagamon to take photo stills for their wedding album I thought they are just blowing it out of proportion . Never thought there would be such a serene and relaxing place with in the arm reach of bustling Kochi . That explains in itself how little we all know about Kerala even as Keralaites and how much we take this beautiful place for granted . Or may be that is just me 🙂

On our way back kids were counting the Kerala districts we have visited and those we haven’t. It seems we haven’t been to Wayanadu . Have drove down the legendary ‘Thamarasserry Chorum ‘ on our way back from Ooty . But kids were then too tired to notice anything.

The meadows of Wagamon are vast and only poetic words can bring out their true beauty . A velvety carpet of emerald green stretching as far as your eyes can see . I felt they resemble the meadows of Ooty.

The hills are exactly what we call ‘motta kunnu’ in Malayalam . They are so inviting that we cannot but climb every one of them .Safe for kids to play . No shops in eyesight to nag their parents 😉

The pine forests . I was reminded of our college trip to Kodai .

In short Wagamon seemed to me a perfect combination of an unexploited Ooty and non- misty Kodaikkanal. I did miss shopping though 😛

2 responses to “Wagamon , You are Beautiful

  1. Beautiful! 🙂
    And so glad to hv u bk!

  2. Thank you Swaram 🙂 It feels good to be back 🙂

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