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Book of the week

This week we have been reading ‘ The world of Peter rabbit and friends ‘ by Beatrix Potter .

The book was sitting idle in our library for almost two years . The date written on the book shows we bought it on Pearl’s 5th birthday . As usual Ruby read it for once and discarded it . I had tried to read it to Pearl quite a few times before and then dropped. She was too restless to listen . She likes stories of princesses and fairies . A typical pinky girl 😀 Now that she has started reading on her own and can understand what is being read she is digging out all the old books from our library . And I am loving it 🙂

What attracts me to the book is the beautiful paintings . Peter is a naughty little rabbit and the stories in the series revolve around Peter rabbit and his friends and neighbours .

The stories of animals in Balarama and Poombatta were always my favorite . What a pity I did not come across Potter’s books when I was a child myself . I simply love her way of writing and her illustrations . Its a joy to read how animals spend their day . hehe 😀 😀 you are correct 😀 More than the kids I am the one who enjoys all these children’s books.

Now we have a collection of her books . I cannot stop myself whenever I come across a Beatrix Potter  book . Lately kids have started to haul me away 😦

Enjoy ! A good read with lots of plots to keep little minds engaged .

Back to blogging : Our kraft works

Some where  last year I lost touch with my subtitle ‘parenting and child driven learning ‘ . Kids were busy exploring themselves . I was busy trying to keep up with them and helping them that I did not get a chance to record or blog any of it . It took us some time to get accustomed with the new curriculum and fish out some ‘our time ‘ .

I plan to return to our simple projects and see where it takes us . I have always been a person who likes simplicity and most of all being myself . Striving to take my blog to the next level , whatever it is , sort of killed my blog . But in the past months I realised I do not blog for anyone . Now , you please do not take me badly . But the truth is I blog for myself . Selfish it may be . Or may be I don’t want to take the responsibility of trying to keep up with the expectations of my readers. I am a perfectionist by nature . Responsibility is a huge burden to me that I withdraw completely when things doesn’t go the way I want them to be .

I excel when I do some thing to please myself. In short all this means I am back to pester you all 😀

So , here we are ! Setting out again for a blogging journey with Ruby and Pearl .

Time table chart with ” Wonders of the world “

Fish made from pistachio shells

Also , tagging my blog friends here : Pallavi ( Crocodile Tears ) , Urmila ( Urmi’s little space ) , Shail ( Shail’s nest ) , Swaram ( Song of life ) , Uma ( Uma’s reflections ) , Shirley ( enriching your kid ) , Bikram ( Man bikram ) , Shilpa Garg (A rose is a rose ) , Sweety (swees ) , Reshmi ( ente kavithakal )

Without you all this place wouldn’t have been the same . Thank you for reading my silly posts and commenting . Thank you for being my friend .

Ya , I know . No tag is complete without a set of questions . As it seems most of my blogging friends are in some stage of hibernation I pose only one question. The same one I was thinking today . As a student I have always liked choices in question papers . So I give you two options . Take any one of them 😉

1.  Why do you blog ?


2. How and when did you start blogging ?

1.  Why do you blog ?

As I said earlier in this post I figured out I blog for myself. Not to help the mankind or any of those excuses that I usually make whenever somebody talks about blog or blogging . I blog because I like it . I like the anonymity & accessibility  . I like to see my thoughts put down in words .

2. How and when did you start blogging ?

When I started pestering my family with posts on orkut community my sister came up with this idea . ” Why don’t you start writing all this rubbish in a separate BLOG ?  ” 😛 That was 2 years ago . Anyway , that is it . I did not even know what a blog means . But quickly found out I love this set up . There have been up and downs . Weeks together when I wouldn’t post anything but simply stare into my old posts . Arrange and rearrange the widgets and themes. Eventually I always come back to this beautiful place of mine .

Friends , take it from here . 😛 I am a hoarder when it comes to pictures ( or more precisely when it comes to anything other than storing important data in my brain 😀 )

Take whichever one you like the most or simply take all of them . Tag 5 of your friends or as many as you want 😛

Pallavi ( Crocodile Tears ) , Urmila ( Urmi’s little space ) , Shail ( Shail’s nest ) , Swaram ( Song of life ) , Uma ( Uma’s reflections ) , Shirley ( enriching your kid ) , Bikram ( Man bikram ) , Shilpa Garg (A rose is a rose ) , Sweety (swees ) , Reshmi ( ente kavithakal )