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The travel bug – Trip to Colombo & Kuala Lumpur

Even though we have been on a traveling spree in and around Kerala , the international travel bug hit us a bit late . As they say , better late than never and every journey begins with a small step . Let this be ours.

Last Tuesday ( October 4 th ) we set out on a 5 day trip to Colombo / Kuala Lumpur . As this was my first trip over seas , frankly , I did not have a clue what I should carry and all. So the pre – trip preparations were a bit hectic . Especially with two over excited kids under your feet grilling you with every kind of questions . By the time I reached the airport on Tuesday morning , I was already exhausted .

At the airport we were delighted to see three other families with kids almost of the same age as that of Ruby and Pearl. Three ten yr old boys , three five year old girls , one toddler and one infant . With in no time they all became inseparable and set the right momentum for a rocking trip.

The tour was on behalf of  ICAI ( Institute of Chartered accountants of India ) Cochin Chapter and was arranged by Akbar Travels.

There was a city tour of Colombo on our way to Ramada  . Sri lanka is almost similar to India , especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu . But a lot cleaner . We were intrigued by the similarities in the way Sri Lankan ladies drape their sarees . It has a far resemblance to our ‘ chattayum mundum’ . Even when they drape it in Indian style the ‘pallu’ of their saree reaches their ankle . And I liked it .

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The streets are similar to our Fort Kochi . I dozed off in between .  It has been some time since I got chance to listen to any lecture . The guide’s description acted as a good lullaby 😉 I managed to get some snaps though .

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One thing that I noticed is almost every other building has a statue in the front . So after taking one or two snaps we lost the thrill  . The beach side road is very beautiful and we passed through that spot at the right time of sunset .

Colombo by sunset

We came across a snake charmer on the premises of The National Monument . I was looking forward to see the snake dancing to the ‘pagdee’ . Even though India is known as the snake charmer’s land I haven’t seen any until now. But the snake charmer turned out to be a bit tactless and right away started asking for money making conditions and clauses and we lost the interest . Anyway I managed some snaps.

For shopping the Guide first took us to some cultural and ethnic shops which we found very expensive and not worth for the money . So later he gave in and took us to House of Fashions which was a good shopping experience .

We reached Ramada Hotel by 9.30 or so . And after food headed right away to sleep .

The Srilankan cuisine included ‘ idiyapom’ , ‘stew ‘ , ‘ chutney ‘ and a whole lot of dishes similar to ours . Just like Kerala the Portugal influence is more than that of the British .

Ramada is okay when your are in transit . Be sure that you have every thing you may need with you. The crew is not that keen on service .

We headed to Kuala Lumpur  very early the next morning .