Songs take you back in time

It is a sweet romantic melody and not at all melancholic . But when I hear this song a sadness grips my heart so tight that I cannot even breath . It takes me days to come out of it . Earlier I thought it was depression . But now I think it is just a trance . A bittersweet longing for a period of time which I will never visit again unless in my dreams .

Strangely I found out I like that feeling . It gives me time to think . Makes me silent. I get to finish the pending chores . And allows people around me some peace and quiet 😉

Enjoy !

Like most of my favourite songs I do not play it on my Player . I wait for ‘coincidence’ to bring it to me .That is why FM is my favourite . I don’t use a ipod or  walkman . I like to absorb the music that fills the space around me , like I am floating on the lyrics and the tune .

The last year I was in a very restless mood . It has reflected on my blog too. A few weeks back my father gifted me his tape -recorder and cassette collection to listen to while I am in my kitchen  (er…. and destroyed my plan to buy a new generation MP3 player and radio 😛 )  .

It has effortlessly connected me again to my  best friend of all time , Music. And for the first time in the last few years I feel at home.

4 responses to “Songs take you back in time

  1. Music! What would life be without it?
    I have my fav songs in my iPod (not now of course 😦 ) But I don’t listen to them often….purposely 🙂 I want to savor its sweetness at odd moments always.
    Nice blog Achu 🙂

  2. Indeed this song is ever green , I like it tooo

    music is a generic language everyone can understand it and it brings smile to alll …

  3. I remember this song was on charts for many-many months. It was so much famous that some critics called it ‘Song of the Millennium’. It’s now almost forgotten like many other thousands of new songs. That is enough to tell how short-lived modern film music is.
    But the song was good, indeed 🙂

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