Beware of Fraud Parcels and Couriers

We had registered a company last week . On Thursday we received a message from the post office about a VPP courier awaiting us in the Company’s address . It was given at the office and staff signed it  . It turned out to be a parcel of books from Mega Book Co, Delhi .

We do get parcels from book companies and that too also from Delhi and other North Indian states but we hadn’t started using the Company name and address yet . It was registered only a couple of days ago .

Hubby got suspicious and asked me to check the net for Mega Book Co’s phone number . He wanted to clarify it with them before sending some one to collect the parcel.

Instead of the phone number I stumbled upon these links and lo.

It is a Mega fraud friends . Check this site for reports from other people .

Indian Consumer Complaints Forum .

( Please do check it . You will be shocked to see their ‘modus operandi’ and the long list of people who got cheated and thier comments .)

Be careful about accepting any parcel or courier .

4 responses to “Beware of Fraud Parcels and Couriers

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    oh god.. thats really shocking.

  2. 🙂 good you put it here .. people can come ot know and maybe it will help others tooo

  3. What swindlers! Like Bikram says good you posted this. It might warn some more.

  4. Exactly !The above said thread on net was a real help . May be this will help some one too.

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