Clay Modelling

I think it is the season for clay modelling and Harry Potter .  Yesterday Ruby made some excellent clay models that I was forced to pull out the long forgotten Canon from the depths of my bag 😛

When he is not making clay models he is reading Harry Potter . And Pearl is busy with all her activities .  My favourite is her girly stories with loads of pictures in it .

7 responses to “Clay Modelling

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    wow…. its too good.. kudos to Ruby-dear!
    what a perfection! Give him a biggg hug from my side chechi.. :))) love it

  2. That carrot looks so real and edible 🙂 oh yes season for potter and pottermore 🙂

  3. wow he is surely super-talented – my fave is bunch of grapes!! Lots of love to both of them!

  4. Thank you Urmi 😀 , just now I was trying to comment on your blog . But couldn’t 😦 Will try later . Signing off for now . Commenting on Blogger is like a hurdle race 😛 Mehndi designs are superb 😀 I will need them soon 😀
    I cannot choose b/n the carrots and grapes 😛

  5. Excellent work .. I liked the snail 🙂 all yellow

  6. Thank you Bikki 🙂 Missed you all 🙂

  7. Wow that carrot looks so so real.lovely.kisses to my two little sweet hearts

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