Monthly Archives: July 2011

Beware of Fraud Parcels and Couriers

We had registered a company last week . On Thursday we received a message from the post office about a VPP courier awaiting us in the Company’s address . It was given at the office and staff signed it  . It turned out to be a parcel of books from Mega Book Co, Delhi .

We do get parcels from book companies and that too also from Delhi and other North Indian states but we hadn’t started using the Company name and address yet . It was registered only a couple of days ago .

Hubby got suspicious and asked me to check the net for Mega Book Co’s phone number . He wanted to clarify it with them before sending some one to collect the parcel.

Instead of the phone number I stumbled upon these links and lo.

It is a Mega fraud friends . Check this site for reports from other people .

Indian Consumer Complaints Forum .

( Please do check it . You will be shocked to see their ‘modus operandi’ and the long list of people who got cheated and thier comments .)

Be careful about accepting any parcel or courier .

Clay Modelling

I think it is the season for clay modelling and Harry Potter .  Yesterday Ruby made some excellent clay models that I was forced to pull out the long forgotten Canon from the depths of my bag 😛

When he is not making clay models he is reading Harry Potter . And Pearl is busy with all her activities .  My favourite is her girly stories with loads of pictures in it .