Musical Monday

Songs mark a period of your life in a way nothing else can . More than the songs themselves it is the memories that we hold on to .  Just  close your eyes and listen, and you will be there . Back in time . Like in some strange time machine .

Isn’t it for the same reason that we all love songs so passionately ?

This is one such song . It reminds me of our college trip to Kodai . The time of life when every thing was beautiful , sweet and merry . The time when the biggest problem  was choosing the next day’s salwar and finding a plausible excuse for being late .

What are your memories ?

4 responses to “Musical Monday

  1. Ha ha! Ya, what funny and simple problems we had back then 😉

  2. Oh man we had a life of problems.. in colelge .. First the girl did not look at me .. then if you find another guy talking t othe girl you like more problem…

    and then IF you find the Girl talking to another GUY.. world war III …

    but those were the days .. wowo

  3. One of my all time fav 🙂 Oru Rathri koodi vidavagavee…. 🙂 🙂 also love marivillil from the same film

  4. Songs do mark periods of life 🙂 Some of them come with good memories and some with sad… eventhough the songs may all be good ones.

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