Thursday Challenge ( Pouring , wet ,dripping , splashes…)

‘Don’t walk away if you intend to stay ‘ . This is roughly one of the updates I recently saw on FB updates . Whoever posted it , can claim it  😀 It is a really nice one !

Anyway this is exactly my case with this blogspace . One day I stepped aside and now I can only wonder what I have been posting for two years . I just can’t find any thread for a post and I just can’t find any words .

Today morning I have been reading some of the blogs ( A habit I had shaken off with great effort in the past month )  and I realised I don’t want to leave this cute little space of mine .

So , here comes the ‘Thursday Challenge ” for the week.

“LIQUID” (Splashes, Pouring, Dripping, Waves, Wet,…)
Next Week: WOODEN (Ship, House, Furniture, Carpentry Tools, Trees,…)

Without knowing what this week’s challenge is I had clicked a single snap . The only one that came thru my cam in the last month . It was clicked after the initial torrents though .

I was waiting for Pearl to come and was immensely enjoying the rain . The swishing wind which reminded me of that nostalgic sound inside a sea shell , swaying banyan  trees , dark clouds , heavy down pour and not a single soul around . A rare chance to come by .

Edited to add

Monsoon through my window

5 responses to “Thursday Challenge ( Pouring , wet ,dripping , splashes…)

  1. I would be out there playing in mud.. And hanging from th branch wishhhhhhhh woooooooo funnnn time…

    Lovely pic.

  2. WOW!!! That pic is simply Wow. Reminds me of my childhood when rains meant school was closed 🙂

  3. Oh good :)Now we expect more posts from u here 🙂
    And that is blissful!

  4. Monsoon through your window is so very inviting… all one need is a book and a hot cup of masala tea and some pakoras or namkeen or bhelpuri!
    *SIGH* that’s just a dream here with mercury rising upto 42-45 degrees!

  5. The place looks so familiar! 😉
    My relationship with the rain is too well known to repeat here. I LOVE rain. 🙂

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