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Musical Monday

Songs mark a period of your life in a way nothing else can . More than the songs themselves it is the memories that we hold on to .  Just  close your eyes and listen, and you will be there . Back in time . Like in some strange time machine .

Isn’t it for the same reason that we all love songs so passionately ?

This is one such song . It reminds me of our college trip to Kodai . The time of life when every thing was beautiful , sweet and merry . The time when the biggest problem  was choosing the next day’s salwar and finding a plausible excuse for being late .

What are your memories ?

Thursday Challenge ( Pouring , wet ,dripping , splashes…)

‘Don’t walk away if you intend to stay ‘ . This is roughly one of the updates I recently saw on FB updates . Whoever posted it , can claim it  😀 It is a really nice one !

Anyway this is exactly my case with this blogspace . One day I stepped aside and now I can only wonder what I have been posting for two years . I just can’t find any thread for a post and I just can’t find any words .

Today morning I have been reading some of the blogs ( A habit I had shaken off with great effort in the past month )  and I realised I don’t want to leave this cute little space of mine .

So , here comes the ‘Thursday Challenge ” for the week.

“LIQUID” (Splashes, Pouring, Dripping, Waves, Wet,…)
Next Week: WOODEN (Ship, House, Furniture, Carpentry Tools, Trees,…)

Without knowing what this week’s challenge is I had clicked a single snap . The only one that came thru my cam in the last month . It was clicked after the initial torrents though .

I was waiting for Pearl to come and was immensely enjoying the rain . The swishing wind which reminded me of that nostalgic sound inside a sea shell , swaying banyan  trees , dark clouds , heavy down pour and not a single soul around . A rare chance to come by .

Edited to add

Monsoon through my window