No tears to well up in my eyes

It has been a while since I have cried contentedly . My eyes always get in between . All the time they are swollen like two onion bulbs that I cannot even whimper to my heart’s fill  .

I have been keeping myself away from the Kajol and eye liner that even I can’t recognise me on the mirror 😦 and I have been visiting the ophthalmologist on and off . Any way , now they say I have Blepharitis ( which simply means there is inflammation on my eye lids   ) and Dry eye syndrome.

So I am weaning myself away from the computer for a while except for the NaBoPloMo. Meanwhile here are two articles which explain about Blepharitis and Dry eye Syndrome .

I want my eye liner back if not my tears !

11 responses to “No tears to well up in my eyes

  1. I hope and wish you get well sooon …

  2. Take care and get well soon, Krishna Leela.

  3. get well soon.

  4. I hv the Dry Eye problem too 🙂
    Take care and get well soon!

  5. Awww poor you…. take care Ash!

  6. Aswathy Venugopal

    u will be alright soon chechi.. dont worry..((hugs)) 🙂 keep smiling

  7. Thanks for all the wishes friends . We will be back soon in full swing 😀

  8. Oh dear….take care……No nablapomo is worth doing, straining ur eyes….so, just make sure that everything is fine, before u see a comp screen. Hugs.

  9. How are you now?? Hope all is well!

  10. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exirptese.

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