Playing dough

Yesterday night itself we decided it is going to be a ‘Play- dough ‘ day tomorrow.  In the morning , somehow it turned out  Ruby and Pearl would do a guest post for me .They didn’t do much writing or typing actually . But they came up with a great clay model . They take it from here 🙂

My sister and I love to play with dough. We make flowers,mushrooms, diagrams and animals.When we went for summer camp they showed us how to make dough.Today we are making a scenery.It has a horse ,boat and a mushroom.

They outdo me when it comes to ideas and making models . So I just sit with them and enjoy their work . Clay has been a great help in bringing out  Ruby’s ideas.  They didn’t right away start making super- duper clay models . A great deal of clay has been lost in that journey . All Colours  got  mixed  up and  there was always a lot of mess . One fine day they started to make  nice models  and I don’t know when this transition really occured . Now they keep it  separate in their respective boxes after use and don’t mix up colours . Here are some other clay models done by them .

Butterfly mask

Snail garden

And this is an interesting link about clay and children .

15 responses to “Playing dough

  1. nice .. he he he those were the days when you played with it and got all dirty and still ahve a smile and parents smiled tooo 🙂

  2. So lovely! Oh how I’d love to join them for a play-dough day! 😀
    May I please, pretty please?! 😀

  3. Wow, they are immensely talented, Ash!!! Really nice. Do you buy the play-dough or do you make it at home?

  4. the scenery is awesome,i love cute little horse n mushroom n snails ,actually everything.could u plz tell how to retain da softness of da clay once its dried kid always left da clay box open.

  5. Aswathy Venugopal

    😛 😛 i loved all the models.. 🙂

  6. That scenery is so damn cute! And so is that mask 🙂

  7. Wow, they are beautiful, esp the scenery :).

  8. Thanks for all the nice words friends 🙂 I love them too 😉

  9. You keep a lovely blog – I like your writing! I found it when I was searching for Krishna Leela stories for my kids. Love the playdough work!

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