Microwaved Jack fruit Jam

Vacation brings along with it the sweet smell of all those ripe fruits in the back yard . Even though now there is no back yard and no friends to roam around the smell of all those preserved foods are enough to carry us back to that time .

I remember the taste of mangoes , coconut slices (kopra ) , tamarind , lemon ( vaduka puli ) drying in long sheets under the sun . We used to steal them in the afternoon when every body would be busy taking naps 🙂  And all those smells are invariably associated with the word ‘ Vacation ‘ !

One of my other favourite smell is that of Jack fruit jam or in other words ‘Chakka Varattiyathu ‘ . And I made some a few days before . I followed the guidelines given by my Aunt . She is well known for her short cuts . My mother and my Aunt are my Gurus when it comes to culinary skills . They are as different as they can be . Yet , I always try to combine both their skills in my kitchen . My mother’s dedication , passion and overflowing love when she cooks and my Aunt’s efficiency , time management , short cuts and orderliness .

Here is an absolutely easy recipe for making ‘Chakka varatti ‘ . An alltime favourite of Mallus.

Things you would need

Ripe Jack fruit flesh ( as much as you can get )

Scraped jaggery


eliachi ( cardomom )


Grind the jack fruit in a mixer . Microwave it with lid on in High for 3-4 minutes . Mix the scraped jaggery . Microwave for another 2-3 minutes ( with out lid ) . Add ghee and powdered eliachi and mix well . Microwave in Medium for 5-6 minutes or even more according to the consistency you need . Take out and mix it with a spoon in between .

Enjoy as such or as bread spread . Store in refrigerator for further use .

18 responses to “Microwaved Jack fruit Jam

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    huh.. missing my home 😦 and all those chakka-varatti, uppu-manga, kanni-manga n stuff my mom makes.. how fast time flys away.. wish could be at home on a vacation!!
    i think i would drop in to ur house sometime to have it.. 🙂

  2. oooooooooooooooohhh yummmyyyy


  3. Oh My God you are a malyali?? The very mention of chakka varattiyadu prompted me to ask you that 😀

    Its one of my favorites! Give it to me any day any time of the year, I can gorge on them endlessly! Yummmm! Mouthwatering at the mere thought of it!

    • Hehe 🙂 I have never been anything else 🙂 I thought it is very prominent in my way of writing 🙂
      🙂 🙂 same here about chakkavaratti 🙂

  4. Simply yum!

  5. This is so easy! Imagine the hours we spend otherwise while making chakka varatti. Dose it taste any different?

  6. Oh I luvvvvv jackfruit! Must try this one soon 🙂

  7. The recipe is so so easy! Forgot to mention that 😀

  8. ayyoooo..looks so yummy..do u mind sending some with amma tommorrow 😦

  9. Thanks a lot for the recipe. I had the soft variety of jackfruit which no one wanted to have and so I tried your recipe. It turned out quite well and it was so easy. Only to get the right consistency and colour i had to microwave for around 20 mins instead of 5-6 mins. Of course I kept stirring every 5 mins.

    Very Good recipe.. just need to remind myself that the food continues to cook even after its removed from the microwave and hence I should stop a little before the required consistency is reached

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