Mathru Devo Bhava !

On this Mother’s day I salute all the single mothers and all the working mothers who try hard to keep the balance !

Last year I tried to note down what my mother means to me . She is the person who has influenced me most . I have wondered at times if she is some angel . I have never seen her take any selfish decisions . Frankly, it would have had done her much good :)She is the most sweet person I have ever met in this world.

This year , I would like to share with you the joy of being a mother . Yesterday I fell on the road while trying to ride the scooter and scraped my knee and arms. Hubby and Ruby was there . They said all the appropriate words , checked if I was injured badly and after being assured every thing is under control they went off  with their own chores . But when my daughter came to know about this she came and hugged me tight . Told me it is alright and that I don’t have to worry . She checked how bad it is . And said I am lucky that my other arm is not injured. She stayed with me till I applied the medicine . And all the time patted me and said all the soft words she knows.

Ten years I have only been on the giving side . Taking care of every one and also taking care of myself. Now I feel , I can sit back and take a breath. And it feels good to be taken care of . She is like that with every body .

At night she lulled me to sleep with lullabies she has learned from me . Only my mother has cared me like that 🙂

In the morning though , she claimed she slept very late after taking care of me and needs some extra time to sleep 😀 😀 And after checking the bruise told me she thinks I am not doing enough prayers . Otherwise it is time for it to heal 🙂 🙂 She suggested I should light the lamp and pray for some time . And all this very seriously 😀 😀 I can’t wait to see what a wonderful girl she would be when she grows up !

On another note today we had a  ‘ free medical camp ‘ and one mother came to me after being posted for cataract surgery . She doesn’t even know her full address . Apparently she lives with her son and DIL , but she came alone for the check up.  When I asked for address she gave me her ration card . I opened it and some  rice fell on my lap . She don’t have anybody to accompany her to the hospital and so cannot do the surgery even if it is done free of cost . She is not in a position to share their mobile numbers with us. And she started to cry saying she don’t have anybody who cares for her and why she should get her sight corrected .

All the fuss we make on Mother’s day suddenly flashed in my mind . And I stared at her blankly thinking about the ‘  Mother’s- day -special -post ‘ I was editing in my mind while taking down the details .


11 responses to “Mathru Devo Bhava !

  1. Your daughter is a beautiful human being! It also goes to how what a wonderful mother you have been to her to inculcate such endearing qualities 🙂

    As for that poor lady who didn’t have any means or support in life, it’s disheartening indeed!

  2. OMG, that story about the lonesome women was so moving.. poor woman…
    And your little girl is really so sweet 🙂 Bless her 🙂

  3. Sigh 😦 Wish she gets the surgery done and gets better.
    And Pearl is one real gem! God bless her 🙂

  4. Being with two girls, KL, I always get those hugs when I get a simple headache too….its suddenly that u handover the reins of the house to that little girl for sometime. She becomes the mother and puts me in her cocoon of love…its such a gr8 feeling and I am glad u felt it too. 🙂

    Oh dear, I hope all becomes well with that woman.

  5. Your daughter is precious! She will grow up to be a wonderful young woman.

    As for the woman, it is heart-rending, isn’t it? How lonely one can become, when there is nobody to lend a shoulder at a time like this..

  6. pathetic story of da old women.loneliness is da silent killer.hope she get her surgery done.

    u hav a lovely daughter.i can totally understand ur emotions.u r da one to inculcate those gud values in ur kids.god bless u n ur darlings.

  7. How very sad reading about the lonely woman whose son and dil do not have time for her. 😦
    And hugs to the little one of yours who seems to be one lovely loving child! 🙂
    BTW, I love your posts, all of them. They are simple, insightful and written sensitively. You can sense they come from your heart! I want to meet the person behind these posts some day! 🙂 It would be an honor.

  8. Oh , Thankyou Shail 🙂 I have no words to explain what that comment means to me 🙂
    Me too wants to meet ‘ Shail’ of the great Shail’s nest 😀 Next time I will sure come and meet you . Or let me know when you come to Kochi 🙂 We will meet somewhere .

    • Another person who writes from the heart is Noorulayn (momofrs) Do you read her blogs?? They are about her twins and her family.

  9. Hey Aswathy, this is too touching…. I am very senti about my mom and I can go on ad on abt her…. I have written a note of “My Mother” on facebook. Check it out. I am sure you will like it.

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