Vacation is here .

Warning : This is an update post . A long post ahead :p It has been a while since I posted any thing based entirely on kids. The month of March was really hectic and I didn’t really have time to sit back and reflect .

Now when I look back I find Facebook statuses snatched away most of my would-have-been posts . So I thought I will try a sum-up of my face book statuses to see how I fared .Here it goes .

March 1– Do self-help books really help you all ? I usually discard them in mid way 😦 I feel so bored and restless reading them . I really want to try some meditation . But somebody will have to tie me on a chair first :0

( I was really really upset and thought only self help books could save me . But couldn’t find the real one for me . )

March 3 – Thumbs up to Tiffani Sant Bearup for her 11 days ‘silent retreat’ ! And silently joining her from India !!

( When I decided to join Tiffany silently from India . Even though I could not hold on to silence I learned to process my thoughts before blurting them out . )

March 4 – Dear friends, let your child crawl around . It helps in development of proper neural pathways .

(I was frantically searching google for some exercises that would help out -of -the- box – thinkers. I stumbled upon a thread some where which discussed on the benefits of concentrating on normal human development and how it helps in neural pathways and all . )

March 21-After two days into exams ‘Exhausted ‘ is the only word I can think of ! I think this is the ideal time for me to try my luck in ‘Paanchvi paas ‘. I will be the winner for sure !!!

( Exams really caught us this time . But I figured out Ruby is finally growing up. And that I can relax. This year I had loosened my ties with studies a bit and he was left to himself with only guidance given when needed . Maths was very   tough . We had to learn it together . Hubby would explain it to both of us . Then I would help Ruby if he has any more doubts . We stuck to our time table and was terribly exhausted by the end of every day . Hubby took us for small drives in the night and  treated us with ice-creams . This helped Ruby a lot to unwind . Daddy-cool knows the Obsessive -insane -moma could really be dangerous when exams are around. )

March 23 – Dear friends , I am sharing this post with tears welling up in my eyes and voice choked . Because this is something every mother with a dyslexic child faces . Over the years you learn to figure out your own ways to face these commentators . Some think you are a nut and some think you are a super great Mom . But in truth you are only trying to make yourself and your child learn to accept and respect the differences.

March 25 ( INd v/s Aus) – Didn’t watch the match yesterday 😦 was not ready to see another depressing match 😦 what a loss 😦

March 27 –  It’s Pearl’s KG convocation function tomorrow. It seems only yesterday she started going to school !! This year also she was selected as the Best -All -Rounder ! Four years before at Ruby’s convocation Function she was very excited to visit the school she would be joining , the place she would go together with her brother and wanted to stand on the stage along with him 🙂

March 28 – Pearl wants me to crawl under her umbrella house 😀 Ruby is making a sub land/marine which can carry army and Navy forces at the same time 😀 And we are eating ice creams almost every day, which is my most favourite part 😉 Vacation is here at my door steps, friends !! Two more days to go ! Yayyy!!!

March 30 – Kick starting one of the biggest purging process I have ever done ! Let there be more space ; both in mind and around . Let the sunshine seep through the windows and brighten even the most darkest corners . Let happiness and joy follow sunshine to fill all the spaces !

March 30 – ( India v/s Pak ) Missing you both Sis and Bro !!! Miss the shouts , the flags and the beats and every thing ! Ruby and Pearl are looking at me like strangers . They haven’t seen their Mom as a cricket maniac until today !!!

March 30-What a match yaar !! Kids beg me to let them watch ‘back yard science’ now that cricket is finally over :)))))

April 2 – On the D – day ie. World cup Final I went along with Hubby to visit my sister and was in transit . Kids had gone earlier . Anyway I opt long drives, music and good company to any cricket match . Enjoyed the last few overs with family . It is a joy to travel around Kerala with all the Konna flowers in bloom .

Vacation is here 🙂 😀 The time of the year I await with enthusiasm. I am knee deep in some serious purging . Gave away almost half of the toys and all . Discarded every other paper I came across. And kept aside the out grown clothes for orphanages. ( My informal rule is to give away some some of old clothes to needy when we buy a new set )

Today I completed sorting out the toys and arranging them for the vacation . My babies are finally growing up . They have out grown the acrobats and the wooden blocks 🙂 😦 . And all those kinder blocks , wooden puzzles , rhymes , alphabets , shapes . When I see them stacked aside , ready to be given away I see the twinkling eyes of my kids . How they would look up from behind those toys to see why Mom is disturbing us. That beautiful time when a hug or a kiss and a cup of milk would solve every thing has passed by .


6 responses to “Vacation is here .

  1. So cute…I also do the spring cleaning of my girls’ shelves after school days…and give away some of them to ppl in need. Here, mostly I donate to the Cancer Institute – they take anything in cotton.

    Loved ur status msgs…. 😉

    Have a gr8 vacation. 🙂

    • I am literally throwing out my stuff Uma . Really need some space . In mind and around 🙂
      Thanks Uma 🙂 Vacation is in full swing which means I am on the verge of a break down.

  2. “That beautiful time when a hug or a kiss and a cup of milk would solve every thing has passed by ”
    Lovely stage isn’t it? I am just now going through that with my lil one and just about anything can be resolved with a hug, kiss on boo-boo, cup of milk and ‘dawai’ (medicine…which is actually just the sweet non-medicate homeopathic balls).
    I am already dreading the stage when I will have to pack up his wood puzzles, blocks etc. since he has almost outgrown them…and it was just yesterday!!
    PS: His pre-school has already mentioned it to me that all books & learning aids are welcome. The rest can go to our local library. Both have been great resources for us.

    • Welcome to my blog Roses.
      We don’t have any such splendid libraries here . We have one . But it is more cost effective to buy old books than to lend them from library .

  3. 🙂 good one .. the kids seems to be having fun next to the sea ..
    hope you have a great vacation ..
    That reminds me I need one got to book my holidays and then come to India 🙂 yayyyyyy

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