CSA Awareness : My two cents .

I have been reading the posts on CSA awareness month . Almost all of them have the same voice . The parents were either ignorant or they didn’t think it is important to talk to the child or confront the culprit.

I wonder what makes parents react in that way .

Is it the guilty feeling to accept that something bad has happened to their child due to their ignorance .

Or is it shame .

Or do they believe the child should look after himself /herself and is responsible for what happened .

Or is it the reluctance to acknowledge that their loved ones can have another face .

Or is it the inability to accept that there could be dangers they are unaware of.

I think it is a mixture of every thing . And I feel strangely ashamed .

It would be a lie if I say I haven’t come across any molesters . It is impossible to grow up in this world with out confronting any . It is flooded with them and you cannot eradicate it . Not in the near future . It is all about bringing up kids with the courage to stand up to it .

My Grand mother was a real smart lady who knew how to train young girls with out making a fuss about it . She taught us to be wary of Uncles who may jump at the chance to put us on their laps , or who may hug and pinch us to show their love . She taught us to stay away from them  . And to cry loudly if some thing is not right . She talked about sleazy shop keepers eager to push bangles into our hands . Through her jokes and talks she taught us in spite of being wonderful this world is not a safe place . And the simple truth that you have to learn to take care of yourself.

And I believe sexual innocence is not some thing good to brag about or a solid excuse to make when it comes to molesting and groping . Neither for parents or young girls. Awareness is awareness even when we cannot stop some thing from happening .

But with real young kids , parents/ guardians/care takers are the only ones who can take care of them. Let us Accept the responsibility . Let us not run away from it . Let us do our part and let our kids flourish in a safe environment.

I also want to bring forth the fact that it is not only the men , but women could also be child molesters . And boys and girls , both can be victims.

If not anything teach your child to use the most powerful and useful word . Teach them to say a loud ” NO” when they mean it and teach them to use it fearlessly .

I dream of a day when there would be no victims to write about their horrible experiences . A day when no child’s feelings will be left unattended by his/her parent.

This month has been selected as the ” Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month ” . Don’t be ostriches, please !

9 responses to “CSA Awareness : My two cents .

  1. YEs u r right that its not jsut girls but boys too .. and yes we need to make children aware of the so called loving uncles and aunties .

  2. Very good post, Ash. Makes complete sense. I love the way you described your Grandma’s methods of making you aware of lurking dangers.

  3. I love your grandma for the practical wisdom she seemed to possess!

    I too wonder at the reaction of parents. In many cases they re unable to confront the perpetrator or believe the child. It is so sad. I have heard a lot of ‘You have sons You can leave them with anyone and go wherever you want.’ But I never bought that logic from ignorant fools.

  4. I just loved ur grandmother’s way of teaching….thats the way it shld be….teach them differently to suit their age and their level of understanding.

    As parents, we need to do our bit and something more also, to prevent these molesters from coming near to our children.

    CSA – Spread the awareness and talk about it !!!

  5. Very true!!
    I often admire the way my mother armoured me in learning to protect myself. She broke down facts as they were in an age appropriate manner. I recall I was barely 5yrs old but because I would travel a lot with my grand-mother I was perfectly capable of looking after myself and her. To the extent I actually managed to stop a train (to board it) …a train that we had missed at the Rly platform. That is how well one can equip their child (boy or girl).
    By not preparing a child we are letting him/her become an easy victim. It applies to CSA just as much as it would apply to any form of crime.
    As we grew older we learnt to carry pins in our bags to keep ‘gropers’ away from us in public places (buses, stations etc.). These are just small details that one just learns with time..
    Thanks for bringing it up !!

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  7. Simply loved your grand ma’s simple and effective advice to stay away from the sick psychos of our society.
    Agree completely, as parents we have a huge responsibility of protecting our kids from CSA.

  8. What a great, pragmatic way of teaching her grandchildren to be safe!
    Wonderful to read this.

  9. A grandmother to be proud of, indeed. 🙂

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