Musical Monday !

Got this idea from Bikram and wanted to do it last week . But missed it . Today unknowingly shared some songs on FB and then suddenly remembered it is Monday .

My life is so much intertwined with all the beautiful songs I have heard ; sometimes I think I can make a graph out of them. I like melodies more than anything. Good lyrics can keep me engaged even for hours! Can’t tolerate the sound and beats like my brother, but I do like fast numbers with good tunes.
I like to listen to Malayalam, Hindi and some Tamil songs. Like to do drawings based on songs or to give captions. Dancing with Live concerts were our favourite as students and I had some rocking friends too! But now as a mother of two kids the chances are slim 😦

Once at college our Hindi Sir asked the class if they would like to be left alone in a room forever . He wanted to explain to every one the importance of socialization . Then I told him I would happily do so if I am left with a collection of my favourite melody cassettes. He was not convinced though 🙂

Today I have been humming songs from ‘Guide ‘ . The hit movie of 1965 with an evergreen hero and many evergreen songs .

One of my all time favourite songs . So romantic that you would dissolve in it . One of those first few songs that gave the young girl in me an idea about the beauty and sweetness in loving some one for a life time .

This song along with all the other songs from ‘Guide’ bring beautiful memories of those clear summer nights , Anthakshari , singing along with my Sis , our room , Wilkinson sword Chaaya geet which I used to listen till 11 pm and all those fights 🙂 🙂 Nostalgic 🙂

5 responses to “Musical Monday !

  1. 🙂 the movie itself was great and Waheeda Rehman was awesome in it.

    Loved the song and its amazing how all of us have grown up listening to same songs and have oru own little memories associated with them all 🙂
    excellent song.

  2. Wilkinson sword chaaya geet,haha ur altime different our lives were then.i do miss those days.our musical chapathi making,musical power cuts n my music classes as well ;->

  3. Awesome song…..beautiful lyrics…..melting the heart kind of music… I just love this one….and of course all songs from Guide. 🙂 🙂

  4. Aw what a lovely song!!!!

  5. U r so rt! I cn spend hours alone with music or some good books for company 🙂

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