Are you beautiful ?

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Once we went to a Jyothishi to read our future . Not that I believe in it blindly or anything . But I like the art . And many times the predictions have coincided with my life .

My parents and hubby were also with me. We wanted to read the kids’ horoscopes and know general stuff .

The Jyothishi started with the basic back ground questions . He then read about our previous lives and also this one from a big Sanskrit book and translated the meaning for us .

As he finished Hubby’s he started to read  mine . I secretly wanted the Jyothishi to do only one thing after looking into our future . Tell my husband I am the one who is correct and that he should always listen to me. Period. I am so sure about it , you know !

After reading for a while , suddenly he asked hubby a question . ” Is your wife beautiful ? ” Now , that is a million dollar question. Ah ! I was happy to know that the Jyothishi is on my side . He wants to tell hubby that now he has a beautiful wife by his side, listen to whatever she says , buy her what ever she wants and live a happy life .

I wondered what took me so long to come here . Being the evasive self hubby is , I was glad that this once he cannot dance around his answer . If he says ‘NO’ then he will suffer for it for the rest of his life . I will make sure of it 😀 . And if he says ‘ Yes ‘  he will suffer even more . I know that much 😀

My parents looked at me ready to console me if he says NO. Just in case .

Anyway , hubby answered , ” Yes ! “

“Why ? ” , asked the Jyothishi

Now , This man is some thing . He knows exactly where to hit the nail . May be it is all written in the book he is reading . But my parents were also there .  What if hubby comes up with some thing mushy .

I wanted to signal the Jyothishi that I will take it from here now that he has posed the question . And also that I am thankful for being on my side. I wanted him to go to the next part … the listening and taking good care of wife …

But he looked quite relaxed .

Hubby thought for a moment , then said with poise ” Because she is beautiful inside . In her heart ! ”

uh ???

I wanted to tell him that is not what the Jyothishi  meant , you know !

I thought the jyothishi would prod for more . And eventually  tell my hubby how lucky he is and things .

But he nodded approvingly , smiled and turned to me . ” See how lucky you are ! He knows you very well . And he knows every thing . Just relax . Listen to him and live happily . ”

Duh !!

17 responses to “Are you beautiful ?

    nice one .. i was like oooops hubby dear in a fix here but it turned out a blessing for him .. so you see he knows you .. listen to him

    but hey now that all the zodiacs etc have changed do these old scriptures based on all that still mean the same 🙂


  2. Hahahaha!! Ooops sorry. 😛 I so enjoyed reading this though 😀

  3. hahaha awesome!!! i liked it!!

  4. ha ha ha…..I totally enjoyed reading this !!! 🙂 🙂 But I liked the way your hubby put it – she is beautiful, in her heart….thats so lovely. 🙂

    • hmmm… I too liked it . but for once in my life I have been thinking of outward beauty .

      It never occurred to me Jyothishi was talking about inward beauty . They both completed it as though they have rehearsed the lines before 🙂 🙂

  5. ha ha ha!!! couldn’t help but think of a deflated balloon;) not much damage though.. great to know that he thinks his wife is a lovely person from within:)

  6. HILARIOUS Ash 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Enjoyed reading the post! Different and nice.
    For even a nano second did you even realise that the jyotish was mind-reading you!! Just that he stopped short of completing your agenda :)!

  8. Hi anonymous ,
    Welcome to my blog . You have posted a thoughtful comment , it would have been even more nice if you had left your name or blog link 🙂

    hmm .. on your qn , I should say, Yes . I believe fortune tellers are gifted mind readers .

    They are very good psychologists . Only thing is they are natural . And some are really gifted by God that they may sometimes speak of things they don’t know themselves or don’t intend to . Have some interesting experiences .

    I respect their giftedness and the invisible touch of the super natural power in them . Some thing like sixth sense.

  9. gud one Ha ha:D

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