Exams are here :0

Finally , we have reached the end of this academic  year . And Ruby’s exams are due in a few days . Like always we are back to square one . So many portions to cover . Not that the portions are vast . But text book , Class work, Work book , Grammar , Printed notes , Maps , Rough notes , Revision work …… I am on the verge of a panic attack .

Day before yesterday I dreamed that I messed up his time table and prepared him for some other exam . Dreams like this used to haunt me way back when I was a student myself. But this is the first time I am seeing it as a mother 🙄 Then I realised ” the exam Booth has finally arrived ” !!!

So friends, its time for studies , notes , Revision time tables , prodding , nagging , dragging , eating good food , lots and lots of fresh juices , getting enough sleep , keeping Pearl engaged while we go through the lessons ( when she was younger I used to put her in my lap while I taught Ruby … Time is just flying off ) ,  Not that I put a lot of pressure on him . But I see that he follows a proper routine .

And the Maths lessons are getting tougher with every term . I don’t know when I will scream and just run away 😮

I try to remember the tips for parents , the fact that he could just black out , though this year I really wonder if its going to be me .

My only hope is the fact the we have done this before . And may be we can do it again 🙂

Here it is getting very very hot . And we are trying to beat the heat with lots of melons and juices and best of all ice creams !!!

5 responses to “Exams are here :0

  1. All the best Ash!!!! That watermelon looks yummyyyyyyyyy!!

  2. All the best Ruby, am sure u will do well with a mum like Ash beside u!

  3. All the best for the exams.. I am sure they will do brilliant …
    and the watermelon looks yummy… 🙂 summer summer SEND some this side pleaseeeeeeeeee

  4. All the best for exams…. 🙂 Chill out mommy, ur child would do very well, without ur tension to add to it. 🙂 🙂

    Water-melon – that has become the staple diet over here too…. 😛

  5. Thanks for the wishes pal, Nisha , Bikram and Uma 🙂 🙂 We cannot wait for the holidays !!!

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