Valentine’s day thoughts

Remembering the pink dresses , lovely cards , cuddly bears and my two friends who generously planned to give red roses to all the boys in the class and then skillfully managed to buy yellow ones for themselves and red ones for me .Downside of being a day scholar.

Remembering the effort to prepare for the last and final exam with a newly married – hubby missing – friend while you are yourself starstruck and could think of nothing but your fiancé waiting  outside the exam hall .

Remembering a friend who took the effort to get to the flower shop at midnight in the midst of his exam preparations so that his friend can gracefully gift a red rose to her fiancé.

Remembering the blushed face , apple cheeks and starry eyes of a boy who has now grown up into a dynamic husband , a loving father and a successful teacher and business man .

Remembering the ice creams and the canopied pathways and the wrench to take leave .

They say Love has no language. But if the Valentine fairy could let me have a boon , I would ask for the skill to decipher my sweet heart’s ‘ language of love’  and then sleep in content forever 😀

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Happy Valentine’s Day !

10 responses to “Valentine’s day thoughts

  1. AMEN to that .. i second your thoughts on knowing the LANGUAGE OF LOVE , would be nice to know

    well hope you had a good valentines … 🙂

  2. Awww… stay blessed Ash. You are a wonderful person with a lovely family 🙂 Glad you’re my friend 🙂

  3. Aww ! That was the sweetest wish!

    Hope you had a lovely day!

  4. Aswathy Venugopal

    wishin u a lifetime full of love.. go get chilled n njoy!! 😛

  5. Happy Velentine’s Day, belatedly…But I wonder if love gets drowned in all that noise of the day we make these days.

    • Exactly Neena 😀 Welcome to my blog 😀 Anyway I believe in a ‘ Valentine’s Life’ than a ‘Valentine’s day’ . Don’t we all live for the one’s we love ?

      If we start thinking it that way what is the point of all the celebrations and festivals ?They were also started at some point and then became a part of our culture . Don’t we spend a fortune for celebrating all those festivals ?

      Only thing is we should not let ourselves carried away to a point the days become more important than the life . Even when drowned in the noise we can take our stand , Can’t we 😀 Instead of joining the shopping spree and the hullabulla we can give a hug or a smile , or do something that make the ones we love happy 🙂 or we can have a quiet evening with the family 🙂 It wouldn’t hurt either .

      But it was nice to celebrate the day in a naive and girlish way I would add 😀

      May be world is moving into a global festival culture . Isn’t there some good in it ? The world coming together to celebrate a festival not for the sake of religion or caste but for love , for nature , for planet earth , for peace , for brotherhood , for mothers , fathers or other happy moments in life . I am loving the idea.

      Thanks for the comment Neena . This part was also there in my mind as a tail for the post . Thanks for helping me find the words 😀

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